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PostSubject: General summary   General summary Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 6:04 pm

“Not everyone gets a ticket to where you’re going.”


General Summary


Can we just get that on the table? All cards in my hand, these are ghosts. Okay? Okay. Now to proceed.

In the universe of Cryptarc, all spirits supposedly either go to Soulterian to be judged as good and permitted or bad and obliterated. That is their afterlife, the golden gates, as you will. However, not everyone gets a pass like that. “Stragglers,” as they are called, are the spirits that get left behind and never see their afterlife. They’re the people that either just couldn’t be torn from the world or slipped through the cracks. They become spectral creatures and a huge, huge problem, especially if they gain power.

These are considered monsters by just about everyone, including just about every species (and usually they're right.) Stragglers are hunted by hunter houses considerably and are pretty much always problems wherever they exist.

(Specie made by BluepawProduction)
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General summary
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