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 Skin walkers general summary and origins

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Skin walkers general summary and origins Empty
PostSubject: Skin walkers general summary and origins   Skin walkers general summary and origins Icon_minitimeThu Mar 09, 2017 12:27 am

Skin Walkers

“You are men turned to beasts. We are beasts that don the cloak of men.” 
( common walker quote of their Progenitors )

General Summary

-Skin Walkers are the reverse of many monsters in the world as they are animals that can become human once certain conditions are met rather than the other way around.  They were originally from a far away, alternate world known as Tiahn, but had to abandon that world after they were ravaged by a series of relentless epidemics.  They had already established a healthy population on earth by the time they had to abandon their world, so the ones that could migrated there.  A virus known simply as “rage” swept over their entire planet on several occasions and ended up driving the home world’s population to extinction as they either fled to join the rest on Earth or were killed.  Now strictly relegated to Earth, having abandoned Tiahn to the virus, they have established themselves with connections to both heaven and hell, inspiring human legends of them as hellhounds or messengers of God.  They have unique power sets and history, literally being otherworldly.


Legend has it that the original Skin Walkers were born as average mutts on the planet of Tiahn, growing in a world on the brink of disaster, falling through the cracks, many creatures on the brink of extinction, including humans. These humans, facing the reality of their deaths, went before the most powerful beings of their world, what they believed to be their gods, and begged for divine protection. In answer to their call, these gods cursed two dogs to become servants of humanity as Skin Walkers forever, progenitors to a whole servant species of guardians for the human race on Tiahn.  

These two dogs were the brothers Konec (Kohn-ehk) and Kyrrö (Kai-roh), who could take the souls of dead animals and remake them into new Skin Walkers themselves. This ultimately led to the birth of an entire species, which would far outlast the human’s reign over them or the planet of Tiahn itself.
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Skin walkers general summary and origins
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