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 IVO's general summary

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IVO's general summary Empty
PostSubject: IVO's general summary   IVO's general summary Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 11:01 pm

(All of your questions can be asked to BluePawProductions or any admins who may have an answer. If not they will ask blue. If ever you see some 'me' in the text, it's because I directly copy pasted Blue's texts that she had posted on deviantart)


“People will always fear what they cannot understand, they will always despise change, and they will always resist progress when it threatens their superiority. We are all three, and thus they are as much a threat to us as we are to them.”
( A quote from Hakan [a Class 3 IVO] that fits their situation pretty closely. )

General Summary
IVO (pronounced “ee-voh”) is the acronym of “Integrated Variant Organism.” This is essentially them in nutshell. IVOs are humans that have mutated, for whatever given reason, and now express inhuman characteristics that range from subtle variations to extreme powers or physical changes. Genetically, they are still completely human and thus technically not their own species. Unfortunately for them, humans don’t tend to see it that way. There is notable aversion to the idea of a “superior human.” While not known to the public in most places, this obviously has come to light in some circles and thus there is trouble to be had for the IVO populations. They are variants to the human species but have been within the human population for long enough that they have become inseparable from one another. Whether it be genetics passed down through the ages or a spontaneous mutation occurring in unrelated cases, they’re fully integrated. They can’t be weeded out entirely, but there are ways with dealing with this “issue.”

([Important note] : While genetically human, their blood is not as appealing as human blood to a vampire. It may have many, if not all, of the same nutritional values and effects on them, but it tastes off. It's like it's out of date. Milk vs. expired milk. They don't smell rank and may even confuse a vampire on first sniff, but the first taste is far less than appealing. They taste like they've been left out in the sun just a biiiiiit too long for food safety.)
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IVO's general summary
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