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 Classification system

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Classification system Empty
PostSubject: Classification system   Classification system Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 10:49 pm

Classification System
IVOs come in three general, broad categories that denote their strength levels. In the bureaucratic way of the IMD, they are numerical: 1, 2, and 3 respectively in rising order.
Class 1 :
These guys are basically no threat at all and can go unnoticed for long stretches of time or even forever. They are a low level of concern but still dealt with when found to prevent further spread (because they can have CRAZY powerful babies from benign parents.) These IVOs may only have some physical mutations and no powers or they may have both. Whatever happens with them, though, they’re pretty harmless. Like, they may have little fangs and grow flowers, attract bees, or be able to change the color of their skin or something. Really, it’s not going to harm anyone and it’s generally pretty weak, no matter what it is. They’re pretty much on par with regular humans but with some neat or unfortunate quirks.
Class 2 :
These are where things start picking up fast. This category ranges very far, from low-level powers that can be used in a threatening way all the way to very powerful and dangerous IVOs. They can have anything from the ability to see people’s identities at a glance (invasive and potential sensitive info leaks), to imposing moods or thoughts on people, to mild mind compulsion, to control over fire, to anything really. They can be formidable and IMD experts strongly advise that no one try to handle them alone. They can be very destructive but can be managed if handled properly. These IVOs can hold their own against most supernatural species as well and can be comparable to any of them, really, within their range. 

Class 3 :
These IVOs have a range of strength as well. They can range anywhere in strength from the upper end of Class 2 or they can go way off the charts. The main, defining factor in their classification that separates them from Class 2 is their threat level. The lower-end ones may get classified in this due to a lack of control, but others are simply in this class because of their power’s nature or strength. The ability to do something very threatening, such as destroy the structure of buildings or materials (which could cause entire building collapses), invoke natural disasters, extreme use of fire, or the like could land them there for the nature of their power. Anything that may result in severe injury or casualties with ease. Strength is self-explanatory. If they are insane powerful and wipe the floor with people or border on what people would consider divine strength is definitely a Class 3. For example, if someone can control minds, snap spines at a whim, restructure the very earth, summon a hurricane, engulf a city in a shroud of darkness that constructs their worst nightmares, or anything of a grand scale like that, then they’re a Class 3. They are the rarest form of IVO and definitely on the IMD’s hit list. They are set to be entirely eradicated, if the IMD has anything to say about it. They also have a very hard time lying low, as the nature of their insane strength means that they can’t restrain it as well as others.
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Classification system
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