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 Strike punishement system

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Strike punishement system Empty
PostSubject: Strike punishement system   Strike punishement system Icon_minitimeSat Mar 04, 2017 3:20 am

There's a strike system in the group, yes. It's being put in place because I don't want people to think they'll be kicked out if they brake one rule. The strike sheet is located on the member tracker as a page tab at the bottom of the spread sheet.

AGAIN, These are the rules you must follow.

~ Be respectful to admin, co founders, and contributes.
~ Be kind to other members, don't harass them in role play or out of role play.
~ If another member doesn't want a pairing, or rps their character(s) as uninterested for anything, DO NOT push or force it.
~ Please, if your character is not part of the group, or in the group, DO NOT try to cannon rp them, or crack rp them. 
~ In public/group role plays, please keep what your characters says or does clean. I don't personally mind swearing, just don't cuss up a storm. XD 
~ Please do not bring in questionable subjects in group rps. Keep that private please! O3O
~ RPs can take place anywhere you like, there's no forum as of right now but there may be in the future. You may RP on skype, or DA note. Or wherever you please. (this isn't important or a rule, just ignore it ouo; )
Most important, if you're caught tempting to push pedophile relationships, you will be given TWO strikes.

Breaking one of the rules listed here, gets you one strike! Bellow will tell you what number of strikes get you what kind of punishment.

Punishment 1 = 2 strikes
Blood drops will be taken away. -200

Punishment 2 = 4 strikes
Special characters will be removed from the group, and they must be re-submitted a week after punishment 2 is lifted. 
(Character apps include; (angels, skinwalkers, werewolves, other creatures, and relationship apps)
If you do not have any of the following app types, you will be suspended from posting new characters, and character art for a week.

Punishment 3 = 8 strikes
At this point, you will be temperately banned. (not removed from the group) You will be unable to RP. 

Banned = 10 strikes
Banning does sound harsh, but we do allow forgiveness, and the strikes can be disputed. You MUST talk to TwinTigerPaw AND her mods. Not just BluePawProductions, not just CrazyAngel or not just Seishiyo, you HAVE TO TALK TO TWIN OR YOU WILL NOT GET THE STRIKES REMOVED.
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Strike punishement system
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