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 Werewolf - Zen Yamachiche

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PostSubject: Werewolf - Zen Yamachiche   Werewolf - Zen Yamachiche Icon_minitimeThu Mar 09, 2017 12:58 am

(Just a second one to show, again, as example, that was made by me and already approved)

[Name] Zen Yamachiche

[Age] 21 years old

[Gender] Manly man

[Totem] Fire

[Rank] Full Moon

[Generation] 4

[Pack Affiliation] None

Boom spark :

Boom spark is a mix of lava and lightning. Basically, he's like a walking bomb. His body will make various explosions with severe electrocutions, which is basically caused by lava and lightning mixing up together. He's also able to use more his lava or his lightning, but separated won't create the explosion effect. His simple touch could heat up to a point he could make metal melt and burn someone's skin off right before showing the lava. 

Though, depending on how big the explosion is and how big the impact is, he can hurt himself as well. Speaking of which, he has a major burn mark on his torso and shoulder because of that. So he will priories smaller explosions.

He can throw lava, but with a limited distance. So he fights better in a closer range. Of course, if theirs water under him and his opponent is touching the water too, he can electrify that water. That's pretty much the only far range he can do.

[History] Zen was the forth born in a litter of 5 with three other brothers and one sister. Kjaya being his sister. Like it was said in her ref, he started growing up in the woods, living in a lodge owned by his parents and his mother giving birth home with a were-wolf doctor. Mostly to avoid humans seeing new borns and realize they we're were-wolves. Speaking of which, they got raised in the woods until they we're old enough to understand when and where they could turn into their wolf form or show their ears and tail. Once they all we're about to start school, they moved out in the city but kept the lodge for summer vacations.

Zen was one of those kids that barely studied and would still get good grades, his best classes being PE, science and drama. Unlike his sister, he wasn't as good in art. At least not drawing. He found it boring. He did enjoy making sculptures and masks, though. The thing that interested him the most though was music. He started out learning how to play the guitar, then the bass, then the drums, etc. A little later, he learned how to dance and would have fun doing covers. In high school, he WAS a little shit. He'd pull pranks, was very arrogant, stubborn and god protect the kid who messed with his family. He was pretty much the clown of the class. One you'd imagine having horrible grades, but no, he was very smart. Older, he of course became more mature, but stayed horribly blunt and arrogant if you messed with him the wrong way.

Like his sister, he was into artistic things and also loved improvisation. He loved pretending to be someone he was not. He also had gotten into several shows because of his sister and loved video games (and still do). Later one, when he was done with school, he moved out with his sister in a small apartment since they went in the same college. He's uncertain of what he wants to be, aiming a lot toward musical and drama domains, but also exploring other possibilities in case.

[Personality] Zen is a young man passionate of music. He sings, dances and plays various instruments while searching a style of music to focus on. Or multiple styles, nothing forces him to stay on one. He is playful and very extroverted. He'll get along with pretty much anybody just as long as you don't piss him off. When you do, he can become extremely blunt and doesn't even care about saying he doesn't like you if he doesn't. He'll say exactly what he thinks and what many people thinks. Of course, he would only do that with those he has no respect for. He has some restrain for some others, depending on what. He's just not the kind of guy to let others walk on his feet, if you see what I mean. Other than that he's very nice in general, not much of a flirt but can say stupid flirty bullshit just to mess around. 

Like his sister, he enjoys fighting and wrestling. But not as much as she does. Like most of the time, he'll enjoy it with his siblings. Sometime a friendly little brawl with friends. He can be energetic, but not as much as his sister. He tends to be a lot more calm than her. Nothing more. He enjoys video games, series, books, comic books, anything that has a good story to it. He enjoys artistic things like drama, improvisation and comedy just as much as his sister does. After all, most of the siblings have something they enjoy that is artistic. Him, the thing he enjoys the most is music. He's not into drawing like his sister is, but he'll put up some nice music and even enjoys doing the DJ in special events. He'll mix his own music and let people enjoy it. He'll even remix music he made himself time to time. 

Even though he's not much into fights as his sister, he will still fight if it's to protect someone. He is rather protective and also has a certain interest into being a police or at least doing something to protect citizens considering he's a full moon. He'd feel like his immortality and strength would be a waste if he just did nothing.

[Miscellaneous Information] 

  • He lives in an apartment with his sister.
  • He's actually claustrophobic, he hates being in small spaces and will start panicking if theirs nobody to calm him.
  • He plays bass, drums, piano and a few other instruments.
  • He can break dance, hip hop and jump style.
  • He is currently studying at Black Knight Academy

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Werewolf - Zen Yamachiche
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