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 Hell vampire - Ozwald Alexander Nael

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PostSubject: Hell vampire - Ozwald Alexander Nael   Hell vampire - Ozwald Alexander Nael Icon_minitimeThu Mar 09, 2017 12:48 am

(I posted this ref to serve as example, he is my oc and his ref was already done and approved ages ago)

[Name] Ozwald (Oz) Alexander Nael

[Age] 24

[Gender] Male

[Tier] 3

[House / Banner] House Fallen

[Sire] Midnight Bianchi

[Underlings] Collin

[Power] Shade power. He has the ability to materialize shadows and turn them into anything he wants. It can be a weapon like it can be a massive hand with claws. He'll also be able to create some kind of shields since he can materialize it. With that, he has the ability travel through shadows and hide in the shadows. The only thing is, if he's in a place where theirs only little amount of shadow, what he will make will be a lot less effective and easier to break up. He'll have a harder time hiding as well. He can also slow someones movement if his own shadow touch's the others shadow. He'll have more ease using it if the place is extremely dark and doesn't have a lot of light. Of course, someone who has the light power will have an advantage over his power, he will have a harder time using it so he'll have to be more sneaky. He won't be able to do all that at the very beginning, but he will tend to explore the possibilities once he figures out how to use the power.

[History] Not many people know of my past. Only those who have seen me in my most rebellious days knows of it and I rather not talk about it. Their are things people just don't need to know. What I will say though is when hell came back into my life, something I never though existed. The day where we got attacked by a group of vampires. I tried to fight them off, though they we're much stronger. So, if you want a more simple description... We got captured by vampires, treated like simple livestock. Mocked, humiliated and harmed when one would dare rebel himself, forcing everyone to obey to avoid the consequences. I hated those vampires and I couldn't bare the thought of being sequestrated by them and how they would threat the other people, sometime protecting those who couldn't defend themselves and receiving their punishment instead. What disgusted me the most is when I learned how they came to be, how they became what they call hell vampires... And how they took pleasure in making people suffer through that. Theirs many things I saw in just a simple year. A year that to me, seemed like 10. At some point, I didn't even know what time we we're, how much time had passed.

Hmm, I guess the positive was that particular woman I got to meet. She was beautiful, might I add. At first, she was a little shy, scared and not very chatty, but once I got to know her, I got to see not just her physical beauty, but her inner beauty that added a lot more to her. She was surprisingly positive, always trying her best to cheer others in difficult times. She was kind, she was also the one who actually soothed me in my temper tantrums, when I was angry and pissed. Something in her calmed me. More I got to know her, more I discovered more passionate sides of her, determination. It made me wanna protect her even more, especially that unlike me, she wasn't one to pick a fight and was afraid of it. She almost reminded me of someone... Someone I knew a long time ago. Someone I had failed to protect. It angered me so much when some would lay a hand on her. Together, we would bring a little bit of warmth and joy in people's heart. And I have to admit, I loved her. I was even thinking of asking her out, just waiting a special moment to do it, a moment that could impress her.

Though, their was one vampire I had a little bit more respect for as he was a lot more gentle than any others. He would take care of the 'livestocks' unlike others and never harmed anyone. I was still wary of him at the beginning, but at some point, I learned that he had much ambitious plans, plans that got into my interest as it gave us an enemy in common. We slowly got to know each others a little bit more and one day, I spoke to him privately... Something I had been thinking for a while before taking the final decision. I asked him to turn me into a hell vampire. Despite my hatred for the hell vampires, this vampire was the only one who I let know of my ambitious plan. I wanted to join the rebellion and free my other fellows from the livestock life. I wanted to earn the trust of their enemy, bring their guards down and once I'd be strong enough, stab them in the back.

Their was one reason why I thought for a long while about it... Because their was  a lot of stuff I'd have to sacrifice. One, I would become immortal... Something I would have rather avoided as I had never seeked immortality. Two, I'd have to betray my people. At least, they would think I betrayed them. Three... She would also think I am a traitor and I had to give up asking her hand. After all, being an immortal who would never ever age anymore would make things more painful. When she would age, but I wouldn't. When she would die, but not with me. And anyways, she would hate me for a long while as the only one who would know of my plan was that one vampire, Midnight. No one else would know and that was to avoid the enemy from knowing it. It was so things seem as natural as possible. In the end, it would be worth it. Yes, I would get glared like I'm a monster, but I would save as much people as I can. And she was one of my biggest motivation. Her and the children which I wish they would one day get out of this hell and get to fully live their childhood. So it's a sacrifice I gladly took. He accepted and turned me into one of them, and surprisingly it wasn't as painful as I was told. It was at the beginning, but he gave me pain killers to ease up my suffering. Hopefully, my act will not be done in vain.


  • He's very affective when he actually loves someone.
  • Loves tea and alcohol.
  • Has a British accent, obviously. He was born in England.
  • You can hear what I imagine his voice to sound like in this song. Even the way the guy talks and mannerism is kinda similar to him (and which served as good inspiration)
  • He's a lil' cray cray sometime. But he cool. I guess.


Hell vampire - Ozwald Alexander Nael Ozwald_alexander_nael_by_zecrazyangel-dagednu
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Hell vampire - Ozwald Alexander Nael
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