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 Hell vampires application

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Hell vampires application Empty
PostSubject: Hell vampires application   Hell vampires application Icon_minitimeThu Mar 09, 2017 12:38 am

Each species have an application made for them (Minus the Chelovek-Volk, but they are part of the other creature app) So I will be posting their apps here.

Art application
(Click on the picture to go on the deviantart link and the application must be posted on the group)

Hell vampires application Psd_vampire_app_base_by_twintigerpaw-da8v4ew

Written application

[Name] (Vampires name)

[Age] (Vampires age when they were turned)



[House / Banner] (The house or banner your vamp is under)

[Sire] (the vampire that turned your character)

[Underlings] (list characters your character has changed)

[Power] (shad, arc, or blood, only one; Describe your unique shoot of the power, any negative repercussions, weak points, and limets)

~Arc, Blood, or Shadow~

~Power name
    This power can do this and it works like this. It has this range, and this level of damage. It effects these kinds of people
        ~ It can hurt the user too
        ~ It isn't strong during this time of day/month/year
        ~ Collateral damage 
        ~ Negative repercussions 

[History] (short back story on your character)


[Miscellaneous Information] (fun tid-bits about your character, likes and dislikes)

[Appearance] Either send a drawing of said oc's application or describe your character well enough to have a good idea of what he looks like! Smile
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Hell vampires application
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