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 Hell hounds and Heaven's Messengers

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Hell hounds and Heaven's Messengers Empty
PostSubject: Hell hounds and Heaven's Messengers   Hell hounds and Heaven's Messengers Icon_minitimeThu Mar 09, 2017 12:08 am

Hellhounds and Heaven’s Messengers

Heaven’s Messengers
Reborns and those closely descended from Konec, progenitor of life, are sometimes affiliated with angels and heaven. While they aren’t allowed to go to heaven, they are sometimes partnered with an angel. Some angels, though not all, will have a partner Walker that can interact with the human world on their behalf since they must remain unseen. They can gather information, deliver messages, watch over, or generally be in society. Their mystica appearance, in combination with this, has spawned the myths and religious perception in some societies that canines like foxes or wolves are protectors or messengers for heaven.

Reborns and those closely descended from Kyrrö, progenitor of death, are sometimes affiliated with Lucifer and hell. They are allowed to come and go from hell as often as they please and report directly to Lucifer or who he assigns them to. They are allowed to merely live there as long as they are not a threat, or they can choose to be in his service, but it’s not forced either way. They can serve as messengers, do quick tasks, protect hell from any dangers within it or uninvited guests, and can be assigned to watch over people. Their appearance, tied in with this, have spawned the idea of “hellhounds”.
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Hell hounds and Heaven's Messengers
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