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 Territories and packs

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Territories and packs Empty
PostSubject: Territories and packs   Territories and packs Icon_minitimeThu Mar 09, 2017 12:06 am

Pack life

Skin Walkers are much like wolves or dogs, in that they have close-knit packs that are often rooted in family or a familial-type bond. Packs are very close as a general rule and tend to stay nearby to each other, even when they're in human form. In the wild, they'll share dens or small villages with each other, whether that be a cave network or a literal village. In the human society, they'll often rend apartments right next to each other, all share a house on one property, or buy up a bunch of homes all clustered together in the same area. So they're almost always nearby to all their members. They are also highly protective of their members because they feel like a family unit. They will literally surround someone and rip them to shreds if one of their pack members is being threatened by an actual danger. So, in short, don't try to be tough and take one on if you see it alone. It probably has a pack and they won't be too pleased. 

Packs aren't always related to one another, but it's common. Some packs even establish themselves as clans, valuing their bloodline. Others are a mix of families, stragglers, marriages from other packs, or just a band of stray loners that found each other. It's quite variety. If one pack doesn't suit you, you can always just find one that does. 

That being said, there are also loners who choose not to have a pack or choose to not rejoin one once they've lost theirs. They're not looked down upon, but they are generally mistrusted by other packs because they can't  confirm that this loner wasn't exiled for some reason or not. They have a harder time with basic survival and don't have any support of a pack if they are in danger. Loners have generally shorter life spans because of early mortality.

Pack Hierarchy

Like a wolf or dog pack, there is always an alpha (or lead) male or female, often with a mate by their side that shares similar status. There are also the second in commands (betas), and omegas, the lower ranks. They do, however, have a more complex pecking order. Depending on the pack, there will be a variety of roles to be filled, such as elite guards, warriors, or huntsmen. It all depends on the needs of the pack. Some ranks will be higher, others lower. 


Packs can and do have territories, but it's not always as strict as wild animals. Whether they live in the wild as canines or in the city as humans, all packs have territories and all other packs are often aware of the boundaries. Skin Walker territories can change depending on the size of the pack, the needs of the pack, and the supporting capacity of the land.They usually only take as much territory as they need to get by because other packs will resent and often fight them if they get overly greedy and take more than is necessary. Some packs have very strict borders and will viciously fight any other Skin Walker trying to take from their land or even pass through it, but this is not common. More often, there is a general tolerance. Most packs will allow other Skin Walkers to pass through their territory or come to seek an audience with them, but not take resources from their land or stake a claim to it. Some packs even have treaties and agreements of joint ownership of certain, more desirable areas. As long as one doesn't overwork, over hunt, or destroy the land in any way that makes it unhealthy, the other won't mind sharing that land if it is agreed upon.
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Territories and packs
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