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 Shimo no Tora

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PostSubject: Shimo no Tora   Shimo no Tora Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 11:11 pm

(Since it's not a super long description like the others, I'm posting it in one post. This specie is currently an admin only specie. It will be open later one)

The Shimo no Tora

(Japanese Shimo no = Frost Tota = Tiger)

The Frost Tigers are a race of neko living in the frozen mountains that have adapted to the cold, and live there under proper guidance by their king, and in peace. 


The tora began as a small pack of neko running to the mountains many years ago. their leader discovered a way to survive in the ice, and make a home for his family were their enemies would be unable to follow or track them. Over the years they adapted, discover culture, better ways to survive, and better hunting techniques. 

Appearance and Traits

Tora almost always have tan or dark skin. Their eyes are always in shades of orange, gold, and yellow. Hair and fur on their ears and tails, are always silver and white shades. They're always wearing heavy fur coats, made from the beasts they hunt in the mountains, and their clothing almost has the look of like Eskimos. They have large and in charge body builds, and its not uncommon for some tora to stand at 10 feat tall.

A rare trait that is passed down only in the royal family occurs once ever thousand years where the kit will be born with blue hair, heterochromia eyes or red and purple, and will have a slightly lighter skin tone. The history of this rare coloration is considered a sign of good fortune. These once in a thousand years children are almost always selected to be the next rulers of the toras.

Jobs, Roles, and Spirits

Tora are always presented with jobs, tasks, and roles within their homes and groups. Their spirit is more times that not, what determines their job and role.


Bella the Wolf Mother

Bella the Wolf Mother is the protective spirit that blesses first time mothers, and former female warriors that have put away their spears to have kits. Being a mother is hard work, but this does not mean that the female has lost her warrior spirit. Bella gives the new mothers the strength to protect their young with the ferocity of a wolf pack.

Basten the War Bear

Basten the War Bear gifts his followers with armor, and the power of a bear to help them in battle. He is mighty, and he is wise. his guidance teaches the tora under him compassion for those who can not defend themselves and honor is battle. War Bear does not mean ruthless killer.

Bracken the Calling bird

Bracken watches for danger, and alerts his friends to coming storms. His all seeing eyes guide his followers, and help them read the stars so that they may see any future dangers to come. He sees happiness, sorrow, loss, pain, war, and death. Sometimes he tells of coming tragedy, sometimes he allows his followers to go blindly so that they don't go completely dependent on him.

Baren the Hunting Tigress

Baren is the tigress spirit that teaches hunting skills, and teaches respect for all life. Where life is take, it must also be given. She teaches tora to never take more than what is needed.

Balto the Guardian Stag

Balto the Guardian stag is different from his other spirit brothers and sisters. Where as most spirits are chosen by tora, Balto chooses the tora he wishes to have follow him. He picks warriors who are fit to be the royal guards of the king. He either will chose one who already has a spirit, and will tell them in a dream, or he will pick them fresh off the boat. He teaches his followers intelligance, and cunning. He teaches them how to become guardians fit for a king.

Roles and Jobs

As seen with spirits, roles and jobs can be determined by the spirit chosen by the tora. Your spirit is entirely up to you accept for Balto, who as described will chose you.


Hunters go out in search of food. They have a wide range of what they hunt, and gather. The mounain they live on has changed with them, and so has their food. the creatures they hunt are rather large, and can feed half the city with just one kill. They catch three of the beasts, and use everything, the furs for wormth, and bedding. Bones for weapons, and armor, and the meat for food. Organs that are not eaten are taken outside the city and given as offerings, thanks to the spirits and the wilds for feeding them. Some of their food they store as fatty jerky to feed them for the next week. They only hunt once a week.


The warrior class takes up arms in defending their home. Most often they are the ones to go to battle if there ever is one. They also settle internal conflicts within the city to keep peace. Nonlethal battle takes place in their coliseum to resolve conflict with out death or fatal injuries. Warriors also protect young kits, and mothers, and even are known for being very good, and gentle baby sitters. 

Star Seers

The seers watch the stars at night, watching for signs, or visions. They check for things like when they should ration food and stop hunting, what times are best to stock up on herbs, when danger could be near.

Kit Care Takers

(Female specific job)

The kit care takers are mothers who have had, or are expecting children. They stay in the nursery and take care of young, and help each other out. This job is very simple aside from the toughness of being a mommy.


The guardians are the special chosen warriors that protect the castle where their king lives. They also create a blizzard outside of their city that keeps intruders out. The special frozen storm is one of the only known forms of magic in the hellvamp world, and the cold cuts deep, and sinks into the bones. This is what makes the guardians so special, and needed. Their protection spells keep out those who would wish harm on their home, and their king.

Quick description of how spirits work

When a spirit is chosen, the spirit will leave a mark that represents them on the tora's body. Most common, on the arm somewhere. Each mark represents the spirit. Some tora can have more than one mark to show if their job has either changed permanently or temporarily. If say a female warrior becomes a mother, her mark of Basten will slightly fade, and the mark of Bella will appear above it. The mark is only faded so it means that the mother will be able to return back to her previous job once she's done mothering her child. If the mark is to fade away completely like in the cases with Balto, it means that the tora will forever be a guardian. If both marks remain in tackt, and have not faded in means that the tora can be a sort of multi tasker. 

Kit Information

Baby tora are called kits. Kits are born much like a normal kitten, blind and deaf. At age one, they will look to be around age three to four and will be able to understand basic things. Once they are ten years old, they start training, and learning about the spirits. At age thirteen, they pick their spirit, and take on the roles and jobs that come with it.
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Shimo no Tora
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