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 Black Knight academy

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PostSubject: Black Knight academy   Black Knight academy Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 5:36 pm

In the world of Cryptarc, you have your normal schools for normal, average people, and then there's BKA. The private school for the supernatural and gifted. Anyone can have a character attend classes at this school, and be a teacher as well. 


Black Knight academy Black_knight_academy_uniforms_by_twintigerpaw-d9ub00r

Black Knight academy Black_knights_swim_and_winter_wear_by_twintigerpaw-dahovul

Uniforms have options to chose from. Boys can chose between shorts and long pants, and a tie, and scarf. You can interchange the two options to your choice. Socks must match the uniform, either black or the complementary colors. Red for girls, Blue for boys.

Every student is provided with special back packs designed to be light weight and able to carry heavy loads with out killing the student. They also get zero space lockers. The lockers are enchanted by local warlocks. Each locker has an infinite amount of space for books, supplier, and even lap tops. Uniforms are same for all ages.



1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade

5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12 Grade

Collage Year 1
Collage Year 2
Collage Year 3
Collage Year 4

Regular Courses

Core/General Requirements



Social/Behavior Science




Home Room





Supernatural Courses

Minion Summoning 

Spells and Hexes

Creature Care 

Curse Healing

Warlock Brewing Class - Boys only

Witch Brewing Class - Girls only


Species Specific Courses

Hell Vampire Training Course

Werewolf Training Course

Skinwalker Training Course

Witches/Warlocks Training Course

Picking your Classes

You much have your core/general classes.
You must have 2 electives. 
You can have up to 4 Supernatural courses
If you're a hell vamp, a werewolf, warlock/witch, or skinwalker, you must take your species class.

Dorm Rooms

Black Knights Academy provides dorms for students who need it. Even for high school students in 11th and higher. Younger students may move in with a family member, or a parent may move in with them.

Dorms are gender divided.

Class/Lunch Schedule
Black Knight Academy has day classes and night classes. 

A Day

1st period
3rd period
5th period
Home Room

Extra class
Extra class
Extra Class
Extra Class

B Day

2nd period
4th period
6th period
8th period

Extra class
Extra class
Extra Class
Extra Class

Fast Friday

Classes on friday are 30 minutes long, where as normal days they're an hour long.

1st period
2nd period
3rd period
4th period
5th period
6th period
Home Room
8th period

Extra class
Extra class
Extra Class
Extra Class


The cafeteria is huge, and serves five star cuisine to their students. Lunch goes for an hour and thirty minutes to allow students time to unwind. Unlike other schools, lunches at other schools, meals are not frozen, precooked, microwave meals. Everything is cooked fresh in the kitchen. Every student is provided with the proper sustenance, even blood for the vampires, and large scale courses for werewolves, and skinwalkers. Seconds are encouraged as Mikey pays for EVERYONE to eat well. 

Sports Teams

  • Foot ball team
  • Swim team
  • Volly ball team
  • Track and field
  • Base ball team
  • Soccer team

BKA's team mascot is a cute little gray bat named Clicker the Bat. He's rockin' a red mohawk, and a white tummy. (Mascot position is open, please request to have this position)


Art Club

Anime Club

Table Top Club

You may make you're own club, just make a request!

(this will be left blank for a while, since I don't have any right now.)
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Black Knight academy
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