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 Basic information for when you start out

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Basic information for when you start out Empty
PostSubject: Basic information for when you start out   Basic information for when you start out Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 5:18 pm

Where does Cryptarc come from?

Cryptarc is a group that started out by a DeviantArt roleplay group which was founded by TwinTigerPaw. This whole group belongs to her. Originally, it was a group with at first, hell vampire's which we're created by Twin, Were wolves that we're created by Seishiyo and Angel's that we're created by BluePawProductions. Eventually, they added many more creatures to the list and might still make more.

How to join?

Read the rules
For those who wish to join this group, you must first off carefully read the rules. Theirs also a strike and punishment system so you know what's gonna happen if you decide to do as you wish. You're not forced to read that one, but it could be useful X)

Make a hell vampire
To be part of the cryptarc group, your first character must be a Hell Vampire since they are the main specie of this group. So take time to read all about them if you wish to join. I know their's a lot of specie information, so for now you can start by focusing on that and later one you can check the other species if you wish. It would also be good to check out the information about Cryptarc so you know what's going on in the forum.

Other character creations

Last that you need to know is theirs some species that have a limit of how many you can make and some you have to pay blood drops to have their apps or to create more of said specie. Some of them are unlimited and some can only be currently created by admins. Some of them, you have to ask the creator of the specie's permission to make one.[/color]

Here's a list of amount of apps you can make for each creatures :

Hell vampires : ∞ Unlimited
Humans: ∞ Unlimited
Werewolves : ∞ Unlimited
Skinwalkers : For now, ∞ Unlimited
Tamers and familiars : ∞ Unlimited
Chelovek-Volk : ∞ Unlimited

Angel's : 0 (You must buy them with the permission of BluePawProduction)
Demons : 0 (Admin only temporarly)
Saplings :
Shimo no Tora's : 0 (Only admins can make them for now)
Stragglers :
IVO's :

Other creature: 1 (after creating one, more must be bought with blood drops)
Relationship: 1 (after creating one, more must be bought with blood drops) 


If ever you need help, you can go ask it on the help and suggestion section, or else you can send a private message to an admin.

She is the founder of this group, so the one who makes the final decisions. It is preferable to note her on her deviantart since she might not always check the forum.

She is the one who works on the forum. You can either send her a private message here or on deviantart, both are good.

Seishiyo is the one who made the werewolves and a few other specie. For now you can only send her messages via deviantart notes.

Blue is the oen who made the angel's and a few other specie. On the current moment, it is best to note her on deviantart.
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Basic information for when you start out
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