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 Angel of the light - Foundational info and origins

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Angel of the light - Foundational info and origins Empty
PostSubject: Angel of the light - Foundational info and origins   Angel of the light - Foundational info and origins Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 4:11 pm

Angels of the Light
Foundational Info
Angels are beings of an alternate space that they refer to as “heaven”. They, however, are not the keepers of souls and the souls of the dead do not go to their “heaven”. Angels believe themselves to follow the “righteous path” or “the light” and seek to protect and maintain what is considered to be good and right in their world.

 They generally do not meddle directly in the mortal world’s affairs unless specifically directed to do so, which is incredibly rare. Their most common functions are to watch, guide, and to eliminate threats to humanity or heaven when necessary. In these functions though, they usually go out of their way to not leave evidence of themselves behind and to not be seen, especially not by humans. 

They may interact with other creatures, but it is still very uncommon and this creature must have gained the trust of the angel they are interacting with, which almost always involves being perceived as doing what is right and following their righteous path rather than anything evil.  Earning this respect from an angel is near impossible. Thus, their existence is hardly known and they are still shrouded in mystery by those who know of them.

They are forbidden from using their powers in the mortal world unless it is an absolute emergency or they were directly given permission from the highest authority to do so.

The affairs of angels are not thought to be the concern of anything other than angels and are thus kept mostly unspoken. The inner workings of heaven are usually never discussed. Within their society, there is a strict hierarchy and order. Discipline and loyalty are both highly valued over pretty much everything else and mandatory.

Angels speak and understand any language instantly, but they speak their own unique one as well. It’s entirely unique to heaven and many of the sounds can’t be mimicked by non-angel beings. It’s very rhythmic and has changes in pitch, making it almost chiming or songlike.

The powers of an angel can get out of hand, as they are influenced by emotion. Emotions are also felt much more deeply in an angel if allowed to do so. At an extreme, they can be blinding and overwhelming. Negative emotions can be very hurtful and build on one another as well. For these reasons, angels are taught from the moment of their existence to manage or suppress their emotions. They are generally seen as rather emotionally detached from situations or overly logical due to this. Other than certain jobs, most angels are trained to feel very limited or no emotions at all, which is why the concept of emotion is seen as a “human” thing and is extremely confusing when it can not be ignored. Distress over emotions is common when they are experienced and so angels will often seek out the help of other angels to learn how to get rid of them again.

The exact beginnings of angels are unknown. The only ones who remember the start of them are the Arc Angels, and they literally NEVER speak of it. Never. However, it is known that they have been around at least as long as any other sentient life.
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Angel of the light - Foundational info and origins
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