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True Blood Pervy Senpai
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PostSubject: Appearance   Appearance Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 4:08 pm

Angels are humanoid and appear almost completely human. They have huge wings with which they can fly, but can choose to manifest these or not. The wings are attached on or slightly above the shoulder blades. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but are all far more powerful than normal wings, able to rocket angels to incredible heights. Any angel has one set of wings, which can resemble any aviary creature and be any color, but most often have natural colors that can be found in mortal aviary creatures. (which can result in a wide array when you account for all types of birds). They can appear entirely human if they choose to and are expected to do so around mortals. [Only Arc Angels have multiple sets of wings. They have two sets.]
Angel eyes appear entirely human, except for one key difference. When under strain, using their abilities, or in the dead dark of night, their eyes can be seen glowing. A tiny pinprick of light from within the pupil and a ring in the iris glow either white or light blue. This can be very faint or strong depending on the situation.

Even when completely human, a glow can be seen in the eyes and as a mist rising from where their wings would be if a back light is shone on them.
Their blood is highly reflective and shiny, seeming iridescent. It appears to have a cloud like, silvery liquid swirled within the naturally red blood. Their heart, as well, appears different. Angels don't have conventional, beating hearts. Where their heart would be, there /is/ something that pumps blood, but it's not like a human heart. It is harder but lighter and it glows with a strong white light, like holding a slightly larger than fist-sized star. 

They also can have some darker or lighter markings on their skin.
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