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 Access to heaven

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Access to heaven Empty
PostSubject: Access to heaven   Access to heaven Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 4:07 pm

Access to Heaven
Heaven is not a place you can just walk of fly to. It’s an alternate space, separate from any world, an alternate dimension if you will.  It is like a planet of its own, with weather and plant life and all the things you’d expect on a planet…other than most life or an end. It’s infinite and has reality breaking spaces, such as buildings that open into other infinite spaces. As mentioned, it also lacks any living creatures besides angels. Plants and angels. That’s all that lives in heaven. Anything /can/ live in heaven though. If something is brought to heaven, no matter what atmosphere it needs, it can live there. Problem is, nothing is permitted there, as mortals are supposed to live their lives with minimal interference if possible. 

Angels can transport themselves instantly to heaven at will. For a brief moment, their entire body appears to be light and shoots upwards into the sky. The next instant, they are back in heaven.  Any other creature must go to extreme measures. The only way for a non-angel to reach heaven is by the secret of an ancient ritual involving what is the closest a mortal can mimic to the angel language and a LOT of angel blood to make the appropriate symbols.  To top it off, it’s a one at a time deal. One human per ritual and the blood burns off in the transportation process. So it’s very ineffective and hardly anyone knows it. 

Leaving heaven is also an ordeal. Angels can go down the way they came. Voluntary, prepared arrival is silent and minimally intrusive. If it’s hurried or forced though, it’s like something streaking from the sky exploded on the ground, loud and generally destructive. Again, non-angels can’t do this on their own. They must be assisted by a strong enough angel to return them. Unfortunately, angels don’t take kindly to people seeing heaven and then returning. Usually, the offending party has its memory wiped and is sent back to its world. If it’s an aggressive force, it is killed. It is almost unheard of for a mortal to be allowed back without either of these endings.

[Note: The "gates" of heaven can be closed, meaning that heaven is not permitting access of any kind. If this happens and an angel tries to zip up there, their energy will be ricocheted back where it came from violently, receiving massive injury from the force and speed that they collided into the resistance with. Often this results in burns, broken bones, internal injuries, tears in skin, extreme fatigue, and plummeting back to earth like a shooting star. The excess energy enveloping them will protect them from death on impact and make a sizable crater, destroying everything around it, but the angel will live, though in bad shape.
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Access to heaven
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