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PostSubject: Demons   Demons Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 4:03 pm

Demons (and Hell)
[ Each member may make only one demon character per person (butit'sfree). Read all angel info and rules to understand before making one, please. ] 
When corruption overtakes an angel and it becomes a demon, it is a violent process. Their very essence is changed from one of light to one of darkness and sin. It eats away in them and transforms ever fiber of their being, converting it all at once when it has passed the tipping point. Their flesh and bone fragments and reforms, changing structure and bonds so volatilely that their insides can be seen shifting beneath their skin, sometimes tearing it and re-healing just as quickly. Their wings  are forced out painfully and are restructured as well, their light energy shifting to dark energy. Their connection to heaven and the Hearth is severed, leaving the feeling of an unspeakable void that they can’t explain but is akin to the loss of a parent. The worst pain, though, is in their body. The pain is so excruciating that it’s comparable to the Hearth, except that one can feel an overwhelming flush of emotions in it as well, exhilaration, fear, and anger primarily.  It’s a crippling pain to the point that they are disabled for the duration of the change, which takes only a few moments, up to three minutes at longest. Their voice is said to screech like an angel and become corrupted into that of a hellish roar that echoes through the very soul. 
And then, just like that, they are demons. Their powers are warped or tainted from their original angel versions, must mostly emulate them or match them in some way. They often display some sort of physical feature to them that shows their demonic nature, including claws, sharpened teeth, darkened sclera, change in skin coloration or markings, changes in wings, tails, limbs, horns, and the like. Any mixture of demonic features can be displayed. The most drastic change documented was in Lucifer. As he was an arc angel, his massive energy shift mutilated his original form and re-made him into a monstrosity. Most angels resemble their original form closely, but display features here and there, almost always in the wings as well. Any demon with a physical change is able to restrain or hide it to recreate their original, angelic appearance, but the more mutated ones won’t be able to cover everything up. Some features will still sometimes seep through. Extreme anger, pain, or exhaustion can draw out the features as well, forcing them to the surface and into view. Any form of unconsciousness will likewise reveal their demonic form.

Note that, while they can hide their true face from the world, angels can see right through it. If an angel looks upon the form of a demon from any angle, they get an unsettled, chilling feeling. When they look upon its face or eyes, then they can see the super-imposed, semi-transparent, faded after-image of the demon's true features. Demons can not hide what they are from angels. Likewise, Demons can sniff out an angel anywhere. If they see an angel, there's a certain glare wherever the light touches and the rings of light within their eyes are visible to the demon when they look upon them. So, in a way, they both can see the truth of the other in a way no outside creature could.
Like angels, demons have to worry about some level of corruption, but not in the sense that you would think. It won’t make them physically unwell, won’t turn them into some other creature, won’t even really act as “corruption” in the angel sense. Rather, demons walk a fine line between their “humanity” (so to speak) and monstrosity.  If they are extremely conscious of what can happen and are careful to limit themselves, to manage themselves from misdeeds, then they can stay near some semblance of who they are or may want to be. They will be able to hang on to what everyone thinks they’ve lost. Themselves. (Though they still have more anger-management and violence control problems.) There is a strong lust, however, for them to do what is wrong, to act out in harmful and cruel ways, often heightened by the fact that they were corrupted by misdeeds in the first place. If a Demon does something evil or slips into dark thoughts (for example, if they sought revenge and got to exact it), then it becomes increasingly easy to do it again and more appealing as well. The consuming urge to for cruelty, violence, destruction, and hatred will enshroud them in darkness in thought and action while what they were before becomes dimmer and dimmer, what is good shriveling into a mere light in the distance. They can reach out and try to claw their way back to that light again, but it is far more difficult to make their way back to being who they were than it is to fall into darkness. It’s so easy to be a monster. It’s much harder to make a man of that.

Beware the slippery slope of darkness, my friends.
Demons, no longer able to teleport to heaven in light, can now access hell. Sulfur and carbon smoke will seep up through the ground as embers burn across the surface, enveloping their form and turning them into smoke themselves, sucking them back down into the depths of darkness in order to reach hell. It leaves behind only the sulfur and carbon dust atop char marks, scars on the world from its encounter with hell. - - (Other people can access hell through being dragged there by a demon or through the use of a charm given by a powerful demon. The charms are extremely rare objects, though, since it drains the demon’s power each use and most are limited in the number of uses for a given time. Only people who have a close connection with a demon would have such a charm, as the demon can destroy the charm if it falls into the wrong hands by severing their tie to it.)

Hell, like heaven, is it’s own dimension, the antithesis twin of heaven in a way. It is the opposite, a counter balance in a way. Theoretically infinite in space, it is comprised of countless levels, which have no lush plant life, water, or weather besides dry heat and slightly less hot dryness, but have an abundance of hell creatures that simply exist…needing nothing more than their connection to hell to survive. Some may try to escape hell and be able so survive for a time out of it, but must always return. They’re mindless creatures of pure impulse and instinct which would wreak havoc if they were ever to get into the mortal realms. There’s no rhyme or reason to hell creatures and it’s unclear how they spawn from the darkness, but they exist in their own rhythms.
 The surface level is where Lucifer and any other demons would dwell or visit, along with the “hellhound” skin walkers.  This level is void of most hell creatures, but is inhabited by small, mostly harmless beings of all sorts. The surface level is adorned with the endless expanse of the blackness of a starless night overhead and apparently endless swaths of dry, cracked earth and rugged topography. Some areas have what are known as “fire fields,” which are literal field-like patches of eternally burning flame that seem to enhance fire powers when in proximity to them. In connection with some of the mountains, there are caverns and tunnels that lead down into the lower levels of hell  like an adventurer’s imagination of a dungeon. With each descending level, there  is an enclosed cavern-like structure with large spaces but no sky and increasingly powerful hell beasts. It is not advisable to even go down to the first lower level. Any mortal creature and nearly any being from any mortal realm would be hard pressed to survive even one hell beast down there, and they tend to form packs on top of that. Not good. When a hell beast manages to break free of the lower level and convert into smoke, shooting up into the dark sky to the mortal realm, it them becomes a serious problem that either heaven or hell will have to solve to protect the mortals residing there. 

Most demons reside in the mortal realms, as the resident king of hell (Lucifer) is intolerant of truly demonic impulses. The dark demons that have fallen into their spiral of evil are not permitted there and are ejected from the premises, sometimes even locked out entirely... Not that they'd want to be there anyway. The mortal realm is much more fun!

[For info on powers / rank sorts of things, continue down to the "Ranks" and "Roles" sections for angels, where Demons are now included. ] 
[Note: All demonic creatures are hurt by angel’s blood (holy water when diluted in water), heavenly weapons, or anything involving hearth-like purification by angel powers. Their own energy will corrupt angels that fight them and their own blood is extremely dangerous to angels, but they are most vulnerable to their former kin. ]

[Also Note: No demon character can be turned into a hell vampire, though canonically theoretically possible. Dalton and Pein, the first hell vampires, are cannily the only ones to do so. ]
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