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Within ranks, angels have multiple roles they can fill. These roles are flexible, often awarded by whoever suits it best, and can be changed out at any time at the digression of their superiors.

Guardian: Angels with this role have any sort of guarding type job. They can be gatekeepers of important places or literal guardian angels over individuals of importance. Not everyone receives a guardian angel, but those that do tend to be warded against death until they have fulfilled whatever purpose their fate dictated. These angels do not prevent all bad from occurring, but intervene against certain things, including death. They are not, however, allowed to let their individual know.  Those with this role tend to know and understand much about the world in terms of their own individual or location, but not much else.

Watcher: These angels are observers. They do jobs that involve looking, watching, listening, gathering whatever information they can, but never touching. They can be scouts, spies, scribes, anything that involves watching and never being seen. They do not usually gain a deep understanding of the lives of people in the mortal realm, but get to understand quite a bit of a lot else.

Mediator: This special group of angels is allowed permissions to directly interact with and negotiate with the mortal realm…under strict rules that is. Any job that involves guiding, appearing, assisting, relaying information to, or in any way making themselves known to the worlds outside of heaven usually are passed to this class. These are the angels that understand the most about the world, any world. They tend to be the most in tune with the lives and emotions of others in depth.

Soldier: Muscle. Brute force. Ravage and destroy. Mobilize. These angels are the ones that are sent to clean up messes before or after they happen.  They are the first to be sent to meet threats head on and the first to take out a threat to humanity. They will retrieve wayward angles in need of the hearth, put down demons, and generally take care of anything that involves killing or direct violence regularly.  The angels assigned to this role tend to have violent or destructive powers. They understand the least about the worlds they defend, as they are discouraged from connecting or investigating life beyond heaven, for it could harm their resolve or outlook on what needs to be done.

Fallen: These angels no longer reside in heaven. They are not demons, but will likely become them or die, whichever comes first. They have done something so unforgivable that they are cast out of heaven and their way back is shut off, presumably forever. They have no support and no superiors. That does not mean, however, they are free. An angel is never free. If the fallen makes itself known on purpose to try to expose the existence of angels where it is not permitted, they will have a force sent after them and they WILL be struck down. If they go too far and begin slaughters, it is not permitted. If they begin to harm humanity in any way, they will be dealt with. They are permitted to exist outside of heaven, but not without consequence.

(Angels may sometimes be cast out temporarily, pending decisions or as a type of punishment. This category, however, only applies to exiles meant to be permanent.)

Demons: They are the lowest of the low in heaven's eyes, needing to be destroyed whenever possible. They are seen as dangerous and unpredictable, a threat to both heaven and the mortal realm. If anyone were to pin a title of arch-enemy to anything for the angels, it would be demons. They are completely against each other. If an angel were to see them, they would likely try to kill them on the spot. If they were to somehow make it to heaven, it would be an absolute emergency situation in which the demon would be seen as an assailant and immediately attacked by any angel in the vicinity with lethal force.
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