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 Abilities and powers

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Abilities and powers Empty
PostSubject: Abilities and powers   Abilities and powers Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 3:58 pm

Innate Abilities

Angels can have unique powers, but there are some that are universal. Here’s what all angels have: 
>Flight: With wings…obviously.
>Transport to and from Heaven: (see in section above –Access to Heaven) (For Demons, read the demon info, as their version of this is transport to and from Hell)
>Inhuman Strength: Like many of the dark monsters, angels have super-human strength. It’s not completely devastating. They can’t punch a hole through a mountain, but they certainly can hold their own against most monsters.
>Increased Perception: Angels have the incredible ability to see creatures for what they are….biologically speaking. They can’t look into a creature’s soul or determine their thoughts or intentions, but they can see what kind of creature it is. Human, vampire, werewolf...something else? They can feel it immediately when they look at a creature’s face or eyes, especially the eyes. Unfortunately, this works in reverse as well. When they see what something is, the thing can feel that the angel is definitely not as it seems. It’s not apparent what that is, but it’s clear that they’re not human and not any type of monster. The only creature that cannot tell is a human. Humans are blind to this.
>Heightened Senses: Angels have implacable hearing but not as crazy as some creatures. They can definitely hear you talking outside or in the house over, but that’s about it. Curiously, they can smell very well, to the point that they can smell the individual ingredients within any food. Their eyes are where it’s really at though. Like many high flying birds, they can see perfectly from extreme distances with ease. They also can see /through/ things. Yes, through them! They see things within or behind things as an echo or after-image, light blue and white. It’s not exact, but it’s definitely enough for them to see clearly. They, however, can not see through living creatures or through certain metals. (pure iron and tin) They can also not see into any rooms with special wards on them designed specifically to obscure angels, something which most people don’t know because most don’t think angels even exist.
Individual Powers
Angels can receive special and unique powers separate from their innate abilities. If these abilities make themselves known early on for the angel, then it can determine their name (often in Latin) and role. The strength of their power will match their rank and there is a spectrum of strength within each rank. For example, a Cherubim with fire power going against a Seraphim with fire power: the Seraphim will always outmatch the Cherubim by a mile. Also, if two Seraphim went against each other with the same powers, one could be stronger than the other or they could be equal.
Angel powers are generally strictly forbidden in the mortal realm unless the individual has been given permission to use it or there are EXTREMELY extenuating circumstances. They have to be able to justify their use and correct any problems they may have caused though. 
The powers of an angel can come in many forms, but there are certain areas they cannot control. Time and space, things like “magic,” and life and death. Those are absolutely off the table. Inter-dimensional travel is also not possible. If an angel wants to get to one world from the other, it has to either go through heaven or use whatever natural connections there are. 

There is also no instantaneous regeneration. Angels will die and become light, returning to the hearth to be reforged as something new, if they are too injured to recover. Some healing factor may exist and all angels will automatically heal any damage to their wings by the next time they summon them, but it's not to the point that a wound will heal right before your eyes unless it's a non-leathal or crippling injury. (The fastest a severe wound can heal is 24 hours. The fastest non-leathal or crippling wounds can heal is 1 hour. )

Angel powers are not OP and have limits for sure. Counterbalances or drawbacks should also be strongly considered.
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Abilities and powers
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