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PostSubject: Tidbits   Tidbits Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 3:56 pm

Fun Little Tidbits About Angels

  • Angels have a key weakness that is not well known at all. It's, in fact, hardly known by anyone because angels are so obscure to most species. This weakness is in the form of demon blood. Just like angel blood can hurt demons, demon blood can hurt angels. Getting demon blood on them will start to create corruption wherever it touches, which can accumulate quickly. It burns in the same indescribable way that angel blood burns demons as well, causing intense, spreading pain. Injecting demon blood directly into their system will cause a violent reaction in their body if enough makes it in there. Their powers will be cut off from them as they crumple, lose control of their bodies, and convulse as if they were having a seizure. The convulsions only last a few minutes (depending on the amount of blood), but they're completely defenseless in that time. After the convulsions stop, they don't immediately spring back to life. Their body will be uncoordinated and shaky, unbalanced like a drunk or heavily sedated person. Their mind will be muddled and confused, struggling to make complete thoughts or decisions. In this time, corruption will also be spreading incredibly fast through their system, causing immense pain and a spreading patch of black across their skin and through their veins. They will even struggle to get back to heaven to get purified to save their life because of their mind and powers being completely thrown off. Often, they may fail to transmit into light and disappear into heaven, instead draining themselves a time or two before they make it. They usually also start to accidentally summon sulfur hell-smoke and embers that seep up through the ground when they finally do teleport, showing the demon aspect at work in them.
  • They don't need to eat. Angels don't eat food in heaven, only drink from the natural water springs there on occasion when they desire. They need no sustenance to live. Because of this and because it is so unnatural for them, most angelic beings find food rather gross to try and eat. If it's solid, it often makes them queasy to eat. They prefer anything that they can drink. (Smoothies are a common favorite.)
  • They don't sleep. Angels require no sleep to survive or function. To them, sleep is like a temporary death. It only happens when they are so drained of energy that they literally are at the brink of breaking up and being reforged in the hearth. If they were to attempt to sleep, they could, but it would scare them terribly. Dreams would be seen as visions.
  • Rather than sleep, Angels often do a lot of meditation. They meditate to relax and clear their minds, focusing. They even get visions on occasion, which are much like dreams. They often reflect the internal thoughts or feelings of an angel that can't be expressed, which is why they are commonly thought to be a look inside themselves, into their past, or into the future. Only angels with the power to see the future get true future visions though. 
  • As previously mentioned, their flesh and blood are reflective, iridescent, and tend to be colorful.
  • Angel blood burns anything demonic (hell vampires, demons, etc. ) with a brutal passion. The pain is unbearable, like scalding heat, acid, a million bees, and razor blades (as described by a hell vamp that bit one.) When diluted in water, their blood is what makes true holy water.
  • Angels tend to be VERY good at artistic endeavors. They have a lot of time in heaven and most art is seen as a way to clear the mind. They especially excel in painting, temporary body art, calligraphy, sculpting, and the like.
  • Angel writing is innately understood by all angels. They write in symbols that often look like a mixture of henna designs and crop circles.
  • Yes...that does mean crop circles are caused by angels. Some of them write on Earth as a message to other angels on missions, as a way of warding off specific things, or simply as decoration.
  • Speaking of wards, angels can be warded. Certain combinations of angelic writing symbols can be used to buy times of obscurity, avoid being located by angels, prevent angels from appearing in certain spaces, even banish angels from locations as well. Likewise, they can also be used to summon angels, contact them, or draw their attention. These combinations of symbols are definitely kept as closely guarded secrets though. Not even all angels know them and it's not something they are apt to share.
  • The voices of angels are very unique. Among any other species, they just have a regular voice that they choose to speak with, something that mimics a human tone. When they speak amongst each other with their own language though, they tend to have a mixture of what sounds like several voices along with an almost ringing, chiming, or pitchy sound when they talk. It's comparable to a harmonious, beautiful, and instrumental sound that melds with multiple pitches of an actual voice at the same time. It's quite the thing to behold and not many get to hear it.
  • When angel's scream, they restrain it to their singular, human-like voice usually....but when they really scream it is horrifying. The shrill, ear-splitting, ringing sound that mixes with an amplified human voice of multiple pitches has incredible volume, travels far, and has a certain quality to it that rattles people. It's naturally very unsettling and can actually cause physical responses in people, if not emotional. It takes a lot to get an angel to actually scream though, as emotional pain is something they try to avoid by having no emotional responses and physical pain is something they tend to be very strong about. The one thing that consistently draws it out of all of them is the hearth. It hurts like nothing else.
  • Due to being able to see through almost anything, they don't really understand why people are so concerned about being naked, but they do wear clothes nonetheless, mostly out of decoration. Still, they find it weird that people cares so much that they can see through clothes. Weird.
  • They're forged as adults with fully functional adult minds. 
  • They are often very confused about many things in the human world, not knowing how to react to things.
  • They're EXTREMELY soft. Even though they're physically fit and may be firm, they have a natural comfort to them that makes them soft to the touch. It's like magic!
  • If you run a finger up the center of their backs, it will cause their wings to pop out with force.
  • You can't actually permanently remove angel wings. If they are terribly, terribly damaged, they'll disappear, their manifestation retreating. If they're reformed, they may still be damaged if enough time hasn't passed for them to be healed, but they will eventually heal. Even if a wing is entirely torn off, they will be able to manifest again after a long healing period. There will be damage to the back though. (The wing itself that is torn off won't stay solid, instead dissipating into angelic energy and light as if the manifestation were retracted.) 
  • The only way to keep an angel from manifesting their wings is to physically prevent them on the back. In a tight space, they can manifest their wings, but it may crush or damage them. If you, instead, put a back brace that won't allow any room through, terribly damage the musculature and skin on the back, or were t put some sort of unnatural imbedded object where their wings would go, then they can't be manifested. In the event of these things, objects / braces must be removed and the back must heal up to a functional level (even if it's scar tissue) before the wings will manifest. In the event of scar tissue, it will still be able to manifest ,but there may be some difficulty with the wings if the damage is bad enough.
  • Because their wings do manifest on their backs, angels wear clothing that is designed to let out their wings in the back. Wether this be flaps, Velcro, loose fabric that can be pushed away, buttons, or special zippers, they usually wear very accessible clothing for their wings. If they don't, the power of their wings coming out will definitely tear through any fabric or leather, shoving off most armor even. Their wings have enough force that they can and will bend or rip apart metal armor, but hard manifestations like that can hurt the wings.
  • Angels aren't easily effected by environmental temperatures. They can be perfectly comfortable in snowstorms or in blazing hot sun. They have their limits, of course, but they can withstand quite a bit more than most creatures before it starts to take its toll. 

If you have any questions about anything, ask please. ovo~ I’d love to help before rather than correct later. Trust me, I don’t mind.

-BluePawProductions (I’m in charge of this “species”)
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