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True Blood Pervy Senpai
True Blood Pervy Senpai

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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 3:53 pm


  • Please ask TwinTigerPaw's permission before making a tamer.
  • Tamers and familiars do not have romanic relationships with each other.
  • The same rules for powers apply to tamers and familiars.
  • You can give them any kind of clothing you want, but keep it tribal.
  • If your tamer has a familiar owned by another role player, please ling the familiars app in the familiars slot. The coresponding character MUST have your tamer linked in their tamer slot as well, or it wont be accepted. (please don't force tamers/familiars onto other role players)
  • If one familiar under your tamer belongs to a friend and they lose interest in the rp, you may either ask to own the oc, or replace it, just state you had to replace it on the app, and why. And make sure to provide where they were tamed.
  • Only one familiar under your tamer can belong to you, the other must be a friends OC
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