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 Taming a familiar

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Before a Tamer ever finds their familiar, they will always have basic tamer powers. A magic shield, and a mallet. They must use these magic weapons to tier out a familiar, once tiered, the tamer needs to hit it with the mallet, which will have a stamp on it that will bind tamer to familiar. Getting a second familiar will be easier when you already have one to fight for you.

Your perks

Once you've tamed a familiar, your tamer will get a power buff provided by their familiar. They will also get something from their second familiar as well. Example, "I can cover my body in a flame shield and throw thunder pikes at my enemies, I have an electric and fire dragon."

Familiar ContainmentTaming a familiar New 

In some cases, the Tamers will actively seek out familiars that are too violent and too dangerous for the purpose of trying to train them and reform them. Tamers are always armed with two glass jars. That can be any shape, but mostly appear like this one. Once a familiar is tamed, their soul energy will enchant the bottle, leaving colorful markings to match the familiar. The bottles become indestructible to keep both the tamer and familiar safe. Not only do the bottles show that tamer has a familiar, but they can also be contained in these bottles as spirit energy. This is how the Tamers restrain the familiars that are too violent, or keep them safe if they are close to death.
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Taming a familiar
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