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PostSubject: Blood shop   Blood shop Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 2:27 pm

~ Blood Shop ~ (I will fix this when I get back)
[size=18][size=14][size=18][size=14][size=18][size=14][size=18][size=14]Store Items[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size]
Item NamePriceBundle PriceVender
Descriptions & Rules
Relationship Character App1,400N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]TwinTigerPaw[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]This blank character app can be used to add a new relationship character to your roster! You must buy one of these in order to make a creature other than vampire, werewolf, or human.[/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size]
Angel App2,200 (first apps free)N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]BluePawProductions[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]This blank character app can be used to add an angel character to your roster!
You must buy one of these in order to make an angel! You must also get BluePawProductions's permission!!!!
Bite (Vampire)500N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]TwinTigerPaw[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][i][i][i][i][i][i][i][i]A Bite allows you to turn your human, or not hell vampire characters within the group into hell vampires. Please list non vampire who is to be bit, and the chosen sire (can be another persons character just make sure its okay with them)[/i][/i][/i][/i][/i][/i][/i][/i]
Tora AppTwo poptarts and tomato and a toothpick (N/A)N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]TwinTigerPaw[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][i][i][i][i][i][i][i][i]This app type is not yet available. After the first arc of the group is completed they will be made available to all members! Very Happy[/i][/i][/i][/i][/i][/i][/i][/i]
Bite (Demon Werewolf) ~UNAVAILABLE~your soul, a bagel, two popcycle sticks, and your devotion to Sei's cause..... (N/A)N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]Seishiyo[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]A Bite allows you to turn your werewolf into a demon wolf. You can turn your wolf into a demon werewolf by role playing with one of the three admins, preferably Seishiyo
(Must RP the bite with desired sire wolf to get this bit. New app must be pre-made and presented to Seishiyo and be approved as well before bite is bought and RPed.)
Vampire House & Hell Kiln3,500N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]TwinTigerPaw[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]This will allow you to start your own house. Your house will receive its own folder in the group.You may come up with your own pecking order and way of life for your house and other members my add characters to your house. Your house will come with a Hell kiln, this object is what's required for forging your daggers.
Must have one vampire in tier 3 rank
Hell Kiln (By its self)550N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]TwinTigerPaw[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]A Hell Kiln is used for crafting vampire daggers when creating newborns. This can be bought seperatly from a house if you have a rouge or if your vamp is in a rouge group, they can use this for recruiting new members.[/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size]
Holy Weapons3,400N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]TwinTigerPaw[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]A weapon crafted from God Silver, and unknown materials. This weapon is an anti hell vampire gun meant to help stun attacking hell vamps. This weapon also effects demon werewolves. These guns are made by human named Rory![/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size]
Spark Fragments100600 (10 pack)[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]TwinTigerPaw[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]Spark Fragments are shards of red crystals that can increase a characters control over their power by 10% This also makes their power slightly stronger. Spark fragment information can be found in the cryptarc lore. ~Characters can only have one spark fragment given to them~
~ Once you've given your character a spark fragment, please let one of the admin know you have done so so we can mark your character down as having one placed on them~
[size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]Lore ~ Coming Soon~[/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size]
Tears of the Moon1,000N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]Seishiyo[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]Legends say the the Moon Goddess will shed tears for werewolves who are in pain not just physical pain mental pain as well. It is said that those who possess this item can heal any major even fatal wounds by simply pouring the liquid into the wound however if drunk it heals them by not only fixing the wounds or illness it makes is so that it healing over time is sped up while under the moon. The effects only last for a month but its well worth aquireing if you can find them. If added to water the effects are diluted down making it so it heals but not fatal wounds. The effects can only last a week however. It can only be used by those of werewolf blood. (Demon werewolves and half werewolves as well.) You can only be given this object by the goddess herself or it can be found (bought) on a full moon in the middle of the Lunar garden fountain on earth. This fountain is considered a myth to all who have heard of it. Those that have found it have yet to refind it and prove it due to special forces hiding it from outsiders.[/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size]
Reactivate / Revive Character600N/A[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]TwinTigerPaw[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i][size=18][i][size=14][i]If and when you ever do sell one of your apps, and later on want to revive it, you can use this to make the character active again!![/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size][/i][/size]
How to Buy an item
[u][u][u][u][u][u][u][u]Click here[/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u]
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Blood shop
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