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 Art zone guideline

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Art zone guideline Empty
PostSubject: Art zone guideline   Art zone guideline Icon_minitimeSat Mar 04, 2017 3:40 am

Naturally, since it's an art zone I will be placing a few rules to follow. But of course, their's not many rules. It's more things that goes without saying, but I prefer putting the rules like that, you got no excuse to such as 'I didn't know!
First off, on this section, you may post anything you want that is artistic. Your drawings, signature, graphics stuff (avatars, signatures, etc), sculptures, photography, etc.

Rules of what you CANNOT do

  • Thou shall not post naughty stuff! : It would be preferable to keep this section clean, at least PG 16. Anything sexual, porn, whatever you want, is strictly forbidden. This forum is not hentai foundry!
  • Thou shall not post racist stuff : Cause racism isn't cool, y'know!
  • Thou shall not post trigger subjects : Lets try to keep it friendly, guys Wink Don't want an argument starting in this section!

Last thing would just be that it would be preferable if you kept one topic that is for your work, like your own gallery. Like this, we can easily find your stuff and it won't cramp this section in posts X) And of course, if you wanna start drawing competitions you can do that in the game section!

Other than that, have fun! Very Happy
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Art zone guideline
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