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 Hell vampires application

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True Blood Pervy Senpai
True Blood Pervy Senpai

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PostSubject: Hell vampires application   Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:38 am

Each species have an application made for them (Minus the Chelovek-Volk, but they are part of the other creature app) So I will be posting their apps here.

Art application
(Click on the picture to go on the deviantart link and the application must be posted on the group)

Written application

[Name] (Vampires name)

[Age] (Vampires age when they were turned)



[House / Banner] (The house or banner your vamp is under)

[Sire] (the vampire that turned your character)

[Underlings] (list characters your character has changed)

[Power] (shad, arc, or blood, only one; Describe your unique shoot of the power, any negative repercussions, weak points, and limets)

~Arc, Blood, or Shadow~

~Power name
    This power can do this and it works like this. It has this range, and this level of damage. It effects these kinds of people
        ~ It can hurt the user too
        ~ It isn't strong during this time of day/month/year
        ~ Collateral damage 
        ~ Negative repercussions 

[History] (short back story on your character)


[Miscellaneous Information] (fun tid-bits about your character, likes and dislikes)

[Appearance] Either send a drawing of said oc's application or describe your character well enough to have a good idea of what he looks like! Smile
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Hell vampires application
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