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 Welcome Matt and Rules

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Welcome Matt and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Welcome Matt and Rules   Welcome Matt and Rules Icon_minitimeSat Mar 04, 2017 3:21 am

Hello! And Welcome!

Warning, this group is about vampires! Lots of blood, guts, and gore! If you're squeamish, and can't handle violence, this may not be an RP for you!

Welcome to the Hell Vampire RP Group! This is an original/semi closed species. You must ask permission before making one, please do ask me first. QuQ

The following are my rules, yes I know rules are restrictive, but this is all just behavior rules for RP.

~ Be respectful to admin, co founders, and contributes.
~ Be kind to other members, don't harass them in role play or out of role play.
~ Do not try to force anything on anyone else. If some rps their character as being uninterested in something; relationships, jobs, couples, est. DO NOT push it! 
~ If another member does not want their character pared with yours, do not force it on them. 
~ In public/group role plays, please keep what your characters says or does clean. I don't personally mind swearing, just don't cuss up a storm. XD 
~ Please do not bring in questionable subjects in group rps. Keep that private please! O3O
~ RPs can take place anywhere you like. You may RP on skype, or DA note. Or wherever you please.

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Welcome Matt and Rules
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