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 Origins of discovery

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PostSubject: Origins of discovery   Origins of discovery Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 10:56 pm

Origins of Discovery and the IVO Management Department
IVOs have been among humanity probably longer than could be tracked. Any ancient myth of a shaman, supernatural person, or someone with powers beyond the norm could potentially be an IVO. There’s no real way to differentiate, but records suggest that they have been around for quite a while, no matter what the case. They’re likely integrated into many cultures and mythological or spiritual beliefs. It’s also possible than many ancient gods, goddesses, and spirits were IVOs as well.
The first discovery of IVOs by modern-day scientists was during a study in which anthropologists were studying resilient people groups in extreme circumstances. In that study, an islander man with shark-like skin, teeth, and an immense lung capacity was found, being worshiped as a sort of patron deity’s incarnation among the people. At first, it was thought that the mutation was limited to that one, small space, but studies going on at the same time in other regions found more abnormalities of all different sorts. The consensus shifted to the thought that these rare people were and adapting to extreme me environments and were limited to the like. Soon, that was disproven as well. Many outlying and inexplicable cases that had been investigated and often hushed by government branches fell in line logically with these new, adapted people. For a while, it didn’t come to light, but eventually, someone in government found the research that was going to be published and made quick work of quieting it down. The research never was published publically and the researchers didn’t speak out until the day they died, but their research proved to be the key that linked many unexplained events and outliers for those with clearance to know about them. They took the term that the scientists had coined (Integrated Varian Organisms) and began to research further into it on the home front.
A collaborative effort was formed internationally between many nations, including most all developed ones, to handle the new information they had at their disposal early on in the process. This group reviewed what they knew and deployed more, trusted, covert researchers under their employment to gather as much information as they could on these “IVOs,” as they began to call them. This included the living and past instances of these variants. In their review of the intel gained, it became very clear that these people, these variant organisms, were stronger far beyond what they previously thought. If they so desired, such beings could cause tragedies and atrocities of the grandest scale to normal humans. To make matters worse, there were many more IVOs than earlier projections put forward. While still greatly outnumbered by regular humans,  a substantial and ever growing population was in the world at large. A quick us/them mentality began to form as they instantly started to think of the commonly far more powerful as a different or new version of humanity, a mutation fluke or enhancement, a new species in the works. 

Each nation began to form their own plan of action (or lack thereof) and got to work. Some, however, met extreme resistance due to their rather extreme methods of stripping the threat out of their population. It wasn’t long before IVOs started to band together in some areas and fight back, which only confirmed the fears of many people who were in the know on the situation. It appeared to be exactly what they feared. Thus, drastic measures were put into place.

The IVO Management Division was formed, IMD for short (though they substitute “IVO” with “International” among the public eye).  This group was headed by people on the extreme end of fear and hatred towards the IVOs, a sentiment that quickly caught up and became the popular opinion among the powerful when IVOs started to resist and show their ability to fight back. Thus, things immediately started to take a turn for the worse for all the IVOs living in the world. Their days of peace and anonymity were over. The IMD began an epic witch-hunt effort for them that has continued to this day.  Even worse, the IMD operates with authority in every country involved internationally, outside of any government code of contact but with essentially free reign to do whatever they deem necessary in any territory. They are permitted the highest security clearances and are generally above the law. In fact, they’re hardly accountable at all, especially given that most of the countries have deemed IVOs to be variants and no longer consider them humans or citizens, in truth. Thus, their human rights are stripped. They’re no more than unknown beasts with no one to hold the IMD accountable for any means they use.

It’s a broken system, supported by scared and ignorant governments, hidden in shadow, and running rampant. There’s ongoing efforts to use, contain, and eradicate IVOs in some countries. Nations have some influence and say on how far things go, but that’s not to say that the IMD always follows their wishes.
(Like, guys, there are whole prisons, branches of operation, and camps dedicated to the witch hunt for IVOs. The poor variants live a very insecure life.)

[Side note: Dawn Technologies™ (owned and run by the prestigious CEO Don McCloud).  This company promises to forge the path to new horizons in the field of human genetics and medical technologies.  Many expect them to further humanity and fall for their other research facilities that test on much more acceptable, humane methods. They’re involved in many…questionable things behind the scenes. Particularly, though, they have technology that people in the IMD can install into their facilities to stifle certain powers of IVOs, like teleportation, telekinesis, pyro kinesis, intangibility, and the like. (Basically, you decide if it effects your character and how because everyone’s different.) the technology isn’t mobile yet, but large, energized/electrified rods can be installed within the walls of buildings with special field generators that will shield the rooms like a barrier. This can be useful as a wall and a cage.]
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Origins of discovery
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