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 Who knows about IVO's?

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Who knows about IVO's? Empty
PostSubject: Who knows about IVO's?   Who knows about IVO's? Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 10:55 pm

Who Knows About IVOs?
Not the majority. You have to be pretty special to be in the know if you haven’t encountered an IVO personally in your life. Many government officials and even leaders (especially elected leaders) know nothing or very little. The IMD knows, some branches of certain governments know, certain agents within organizations know, and some operating outside of an organization know. IVOs are not common and are persecuted, thus tend to hide their existence whenever possible. Some underground networks are in the know, but it’s not something you would just be privy to as someone outside of that world.
The general public does not know. IVOs are considered restricted information and any leaks are quickly and often harshly hushed. They don’t want the public to know, as it would open a whole other can of worms and make forming policy, law, regulations, and other such things to manage the new knowledge out there mandatory. Thus, the public is generally entirely oblivious, which creates some….rather interesting circumstances when regular families have IVOs born among them with no pretense.
Hunter houses caught on, spreading the information through their networks among each other, as is their honor code with new threat species that need handled.  The response is split, though. Some houses chose not to bother and remain neutral, but others have more of an issue. Some believe them to be a type of mutant creature, a monster species in the making or an unnatural outgrowth that will come to overtake the humans as a dominant species. These hunters take great pains to eradicate the IVOs whenever possible and even collaborate with the IMD. Others believe them to be just another form of humans, like Warlocks, and are in strict defiance against the genocide. They may chose to allow members among them or to permit IVOs a free pass (so long as they don’t cause trouble). These houses, though, don’t harbor IVOs or protect them, as it would likely create a war between the houses and no one wants to go through those. There used to be wars between the houses and no one wants those to return, so, simply speaking, they don’t see the small percentage of IVOs worth it. Very, very few houses will go out of their way to help an IVO if another house has its sights set on them.
Supernatural species are like humans in most cases. They tend not to know about IVOs unless they’ve directly come into contact with them. Many supernatural species exist outside of human civilization anyway, so they’re not likely to come upon the obscure and often never discussed IVO information. Though, it’s not impossible. Connections with people from hunter houses or that know people who have known of IVOs or even knowing themselves are all acceptable. The IMD won’t be the source of that leak though, as their lips are strictly regulated.
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Who knows about IVO's?
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