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 IVO manifestation and physical mutations

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IVO manifestation and physical mutations Empty
PostSubject: IVO manifestation and physical mutations   IVO manifestation and physical mutations Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 10:52 pm

IVO Manifestation (coming of age)
The IVO condition is, certainly, a genetic one. It’s inherited through the father more often than the mother, but can come from either or a combination. IVO parents don’t always have IVO kids, but they do have them much more often. On the opposite end, regular human parents can also have IVO kids, seemingly out of nowhere, due to new mutation arising in their genetic line or due to dormant genes coming into play. Many people could be carriers without ever even knowing it. 

IVOs coming into their powers and discovering what they are takes on a variety of options. Some IVOs are born as obviously different. For example, born blue and scaly or with the first traces of wings, a tail, or the like. Others are less immediate but still early on. For example, a normal baby develops a wings, a tail, etc. early on in their childhood or early adolescence. Most physical mutations like this tend to appear early on, either being born with it or before the age of 5. It’s not unheard of them forming later, however. By far, the most common manifestation of powers, though, is clear.

A vast majority of IVOs discover their powers in early adolescence, between the ages of 12 and 16. Some manifest before or after that, but that tends to be the normal range. Those younger than that have a strong tendency to have extremely weakened versions of their later strength, which will then come into more clear prominence in adolescence. Some also manifest their powers later. Of course, there are always outliers that break these rules, so it’s not set in stone. This is just the majority.
Speaking of majorities, the addition of undo stress or trauma tends to draw out the abilities. The closer to adolescent this is, the easier it will be for factors like that to cause an early manifestation. Such things can also trigger the manifestation within the target age range or after as well, but it’s the leading cause for early manifestation.

When powers manifest, it’s rarely a subtle or gradual thing. Some symptoms associated with the drawbacks may precede the power as a sort of warning or adjustment period, but the actual power seems to build up until it bursts into action. The moment of manifestation tends to be sudden, out of hand, and unwelcomed. It’s rare that the power itself starts to show until that moment. The only ones spared from such a fate are those that are born with a lower level of power but still have it present in their lives before it comes in full force suddenly.

Physical Mutations
This denotes any physical variation or general difference between the IVO and a regular human that is not their expressed power. For example, fur, scales, tails, wings, cat-eyes, claws, sharpened teeth, increased senses (to a degree), and the like. There’s a point where a physical mutation could be considered a power, but it’s pretty clear cut. Physical mutations can be helpful, unhelpful, or neutral but are generally a low-level sort of thing that wouldn’t be able to be considered a true power, more like a talent, enhancement, instinct, or purely physical alteration. Nothing too dramatic.
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IVO manifestation and physical mutations
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