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PostSubject: Powers   Powers Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 10:46 pm


Separate from physical mutations, these are the dramatically increased or abnormal abilities that IVOs display. They can have a broad range that reaches to just about anything you can imagine with only a few exceptions. Anything from combusting the air spontaneously to creating storms to telepathy to wormholes and more are on the table. Basically, a good rule of thumb is that, if it can be in any way explained even vaguely with science, it’s probably something an IVO could do. There are, however, things that they simply can’t pull off.

Some pointers for specific subjects of common interest to define what they can and cannot have as powers:
(Keep in mind, if it’s not specifically listed and if it’s within reason, it’s probably A-okay.)

They’re not gods, so they can’t be omnipotent or omnipresent as a power. Very extreme telepathy may achieve a similar effect, but no entire omnipotence or omnipresence is not something they can do. Anything even close to it will have severe drawbacks.
On a similar note, no transcendence. They’re still human. Can’t transcend to a higher level of being. (though, nothing says they can’t think that highly of themselves and have some crazy intelligence as their power to back them up.)
Immortality in the form of eternal youth is a possibility, considering that aging has to do with the breakdown of cells, but complete immortality isn’t acceptable. They can heal quickly (to a degree) and they can live young forever, but if someone manages to eviscerate their every cell, they’re not coming back. There’s nothing in an IVO that can touch their soul or life-force in a way that could recreate them from nothing or that could make them truly immortal.

They aren’t powerful enough to jump through time. While some may have premonitions or see into the past, they can’t jump themselves into the past or future and change things. Likewise, if they see the future, it’s no ta set in stone thing. Even just knowing of the future could change it. So any future seen is a /possible/ future. They may also be able to slow time or stop it for a short while in a confined area around them, but they can’t stop the whole entirety of existence. Their mind would probably implode.

Absolutely, 100%, guaranteed, NO MAGIC. Remember what I said about science above? No magic. They gain their powers from genetic mutations, not supernatural powers. No magic……. No magic.

Also, no raising the dead. >:C  C’mon guys. That’s OP to high heaven and back. Raise some dead as zombie puppets or something, but if it’s dead, it’s dead. You ain’t got no control over souls. Genetic. Mutations. Not supernatural. Work with me here. Please.
( If you have any questions on what would or wouldn’t be acceptable, always feel free to ask BluePawProductions or one of the admins who might know. If they don’t know, they’ll merely direct it back to Blue anyway, so no worries. Basically though, if it’s within reason and not crazy OP, then you’re probably good. ;D )
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