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True Blood Pervy Senpai
True Blood Pervy Senpai

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PostSubject: Availability   Availability Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 10:43 pm

(I’d like to make as much of this as possible accessible to you guys, so please behave responsibly. ;D I’ll try to be very open. You try not to abuse it or make it a problem. I don’t want to add more rules, but I’ll have to if it gets out of hand. So thank you in advance for your forethought. - BluePawProductions )

IVO Related

~ IVOs – Class 1 : Have at it friend. No problems here.

~IVOs – Class 2 : Go for it, bro! Just make sure to read over the powers again to be sure you don’t pick something that they can’t do if you’re making one on the more powerful end of things.

~IVOs – Class 3 : I’m going to say that these guys are open, but please, please talk to me or another admin if you decide to make one. I know that sometimes my schedule is slow, but I’d hate for you to mislabel something that would be a Class 2 or to get in trouble for being too OP. So, before you post a character as a Class 3, please have me or another admin look over the powers. I promise that we’re not going to deny people the ability to make them as long as people don’t start going crazy and causing problems left and right. One of those problems would be to be posting a bunch of OP and unacceptable characters. It’s so easy to make Class 3s OP, so I want to help you, not hinder you. I’d love to help you keep a Class 3 if that’s what you want and will work with you, but it’s harder if you get antsy and post an OP character then have to amend it after the fact. Harder for me. Harder for you. If I’m not available right away, another admin can give their judgment on it and I’ll check it over to confirm later.

IMD Related 
(Keep in mind that not all IMD members have to be bad. Many are ill informed, have had bad experiences, or are just all around flawed as humans are. They’re just people, like anyone else. Some are good, some are bad, some are on neither end. So make your IMD as good, bad, or just complicated as you’d like.)
~IMD agent/employee/official : Yes! Do it! I’d love to see some! Just don’t go making the official “head of IMD” or “Second in command.” I’m cool with anything below that. Go ahead and make a character that’s anywhere from a grunt that questions what they’re doing all the way to “one of the highest ranking members in the organization.” Do it. I’d love to see it. Just remember that all IMD workers are human. (And, if they were Warlocks, they’d hide it. Any supernatural or non-human aspect would be hidden.) [Also keep in mind that some IVOs are recruited by the IMD and used to hunt their own kind or to help in their cause, some even diluted to believe that they are a problem and need to be handled for the good of the many. So that’s a possibility as well.]
~IMD unit : Go ahead and make a unit. Get some friends together, create some agents that act in the field. It’d be great!

~IMD facility: (Okay, yes, not a character thing, but I want to make this open for people.) I want to go ahead and say that you guys can feel free to invent your own facilities of any sort that an agency such as the IMD would have. International offices, containment sites, processing facilities, conference halls, all the way to the death camps that some have. It’s all open for ya. Just make it somewhat believable. Like, make them function as they would in the real world to an extent so that it’s not completely out of place, but feel free to amend it to fit their unique circumstances, which would be dealing with insanely diverse and powerful beings that they’re trying to manage, process, contain, or eradicate. They also can be in any country anywhere in the world, since the IMD works internationally. Have at it.

If ever you have any further questions, feel free to ask Blue (On her deviantart preferably)
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