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 Introduction the the Hell Vampire specie

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Introduction the the Hell Vampire specie Empty
PostSubject: Introduction the the Hell Vampire specie   Introduction the the Hell Vampire specie Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 10:25 pm

Introduction to the Specie

The Hell Vamps are my own offshoot species on the classic vampires. But as expected with lots of twists that make them their own thing. The Hell Vamps originated from not just a vampire, but a demon as well. No, there were no one night stands involved. The first Hell Vampire was a demon who was bit and infected by a vamp. Because his cells were different from that of any other being, he mutated into the first sire of his kind, and went by the name of Dalton. His first turn was his own blood brother, Pein. Together, Dalton and Pein are the two main leaders of their group, which is called a clan, or a house. They refer to themselves as the House of Blood as that is how they started. 

The Hell Vampires are divided into five houses, but I will cover them in another part of this species sheet.

Demonology and Misconceptions with Demons

A common belief people have in the world of Hell Vampires is that demons are real. While it is true there were three known demons in existence, Dalton, Pein, and Lucifer. There were never any other demons before or after those three. Humans in this world that are hunters seam to believe there are demons out there, when the creatures they face are really just a harmless race of nymphs that appear demonic in nature, when really they're just little harmless tricksters. Their tricks that be mean, and ill willed, even can harm a human, but hold no real candle to Hell Vampires, Werewolves, or Angels.

Actual Demons

Do to cannon reasons for the story, REAL true blooded demons are NOT allowed as characters unless permission expressed otherwise by all the admins. Reason being the world they come from is closed off to this one by is respective owner.

The Ritual

Unlike most vampires who can turn you just from biting you, or making you drink their blood. Instead what is done is fare less enjoyable than a simple bite to the neck. In order to be turned, one is lied on a stone table in a room each house will have called "The Room." The Leader, Pure Blood, and several of the house's higher ranking members must be present. The members that the House of Blood mostly take in are people who have faced tragic events, and face death. Dalton always tells his children to give them the option, chose death, or chose change. He's not big on forcing it on anyone. The same goes for House of Skys. As for House of Fallen, they just do their own thing.

Whats required to make this work is the dagger I previously mentioned. Which will be pre-made upon the consent of the person being changed. Once it's done, the knife is used to cut the wrists, ankles, and chest of the member. Cuts must be made in a crucifix mark. The vampire who is doing the turning must drip their own blood into their soon to be underling's wounds. Hell Vampire's blood is like fire in one's veins. It burns to no end, and will cause pain for almost an hour. The vampire must give it a full minute before the blade must be stabbed through the heart, which will seal the ritual, and bind the blade, the newborn, and the sire together. Traditionally, the one who turns another is the one that will watch over Acolytes until they can be left on their own, sometimes its one or more.



Hell Vampires have a rich culture, and they follow their ways down to a T. At leas, House Blood, and Skys do that is. When someone is turned into a Hell Vampire, they lose all of their human, or former teeth so they may be replace with a full set of shark like fangs. Hell Vampires keep their old teeth in a special box, a way of holding onto one's humanity. Their box usually means a lot to them, and losing just one tooth from the set can cause pure madness in a Hell Vamp.

Artifact Knife

An Artifact Knife is a dagger crafted from silver, and the blood of a new vamp before they're turned. Once it is made the dagger is used for the "ritual" process and is bound to the Hell Vampire for life. This blade is also used to help keep Acolytes in check, as all new bores have a cuff and chair attached to one of their hands. This all seams pointless as Hell Vampires can break iron, and punch through rock like its nothing. Driving the bound dagger into one of the chain links seals the Acolyte to the spot their chain has been pinned to. This can not be pulled free by the Acolyte, and it protects the ground and chain around it so it can not be broken. Once the new born is a higher rank, they're given their knife and are told to keep it close as its the only true item that can kill the. Though getting the knife to the point where it can be used to kill is hard.

(The blade must be heated by hell fire, which is located in a forge usually located in a house. The knives never have a sort of grip on it as its enchanted and grips that are added to the knife melt off, so yea it can be done but its pretty hard! This also means things like sunlight, crosses, holy water, and garlic have little to no effect on them, and wood steaks just piss them off don't do that.)
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Introduction the the Hell Vampire specie
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