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When a person becomes a hell vampire, he lives a few changes. First of off, he will lose his human teeth to grow his vampire teeth. Each of them will have various teeth, some are sharper, some are smaller, they just won't have the same they did as a human. But keep in mind they will have the teeth of predators, not just omnivores. Their teeth will be made for the purpose of tearing skin enough so they can drink blood, making their jaws stronger as well.

The second factor are mutations. Some hell vampire will mutate a lot, some will have minor mutations and some won't have any mutations at all. It can be anything from growing a tail, animal ears, longer ears, even wings. They are not restricted on the appearance. Some more rare cases even become much taller when they mutate. Those who mutate don't all mutate at the same pace. Some will fully or partially mutate as soon as they passed the ritual, some will be a few days later, a few weeks later, month's or even years. It's hard to tell when they fully stopped mutating or if they wont at all.

Eye Color Ranking

Eye color is something that can determine your rank with in your house, your actual eye color is up to you, it's the sclera that determines it. There's wide ranges of these given colors to go with, that's just what they mean. BUT that doesn't mean your vamp would have to follow that placement. (More on actual ranking in the "Rank" section)

Appearance BulletblackBlack ScelraAppearance Bulletblack
Basic, it means you're mostly meant for patrol missions, and look out.

Appearance BulletredAppearance BulletblueRed & Blue ScelraAppearance BulletblueAppearance Bulletred
Red, and Blue means that you're more equip to guard your House's nest.

Appearance BulletwhiteWhite ScelraAppearance Bulletwhite
White is rare but it means you're best suited for hunting.

Appearance The_house_of_blood_by_twintigerpaw-d9fxfqu
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