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PostSubject: Hybrids   Hybrids Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 10:15 pm

Warning : You cannot just simply make a hybrid, it will be explained at the end of the post how you can get one.

The Hybrids

Hybrids are a rare species of Hell Vampires that appeared long ago around the time of House Fallen's rise, but disappeared just as quickly as they had appeared. Hybrids have remained secretive and guarded for many, many years. The reason being that they are hell vampires turned werewolf. Just like how a werewolf can be turned into a vampire, the same can be done to a hell vamp. However, the process only works on a leader rank vampire. There for not just any vamp can be turned, and if its not a leader, a werewolf can not turn the vamp, at this point you need the very first hybrid to turn you. Hybrids call the planet their birth right as they were born on Cryptarc, unlike the werewolves who are not native to their world at all. Therefore if you call Cryptacr yours, you will probably regret it as that is a highly disrespectful phrase to use, especially if you're not from Cryptact yourself. 

Zeanith History

Zeanith was a hell vamp well on his way to leadership. Dalton had just provided him with the means to start his own house as he had other ideas, and did not want to step on Dalton's feet- er, hooves. However before he gained his full leader powers he was caught by werewolves, who were attempting different ideas to see if they could turn a hell vamp into a werewolf. This time it worked, were as with previous vamps who would escape from the wolves, and would only suffer massive injuries, Zeanith had turned into a werewolf, or so they though, he had become something bigger.

Hybrids Zeanith_by_twintigerpaw-d9shaldHybrids Zeanith_canine_form_by_twintigerpaw-d9snd48

Hybrid Ranks, and behaviors

Hybrids ranks, and generations are very much the same as werewolves, and that their rank determines their size. 
Hybrids Werewolf_hight_chat___hellvampirescrypts____by_twintigerpaw-d9sc57m
::New Moon::
Lowest ranking Hybrid, they stay with in the house walls for safety and are unable to do much and can not use their powers.

::Red Moon::
Reds are a rank higher than new moons, but also do not leave the house. At this point they've grown in size, and are equal to a young moon werewolf.

::Crescent Blue::
A Crescent Blue is esintualy a crescent moon werewolf. This means they've figured out their powers, grown in size once more, and are able to head out of the house to go and see the world under Zeanith's and higher rank's permission.

::Healing Moon::
(Special permission required, please ask first)
A healing moon is different. They are about the same size as red moons, but do not gain the same powers as a regular hybrid would. They receive one of two powers to heal other house members. Druid for forest magic, and shaman for water magic. They use these powers to heal their fellow house members, and can not fight.

::Full Moon::
(admin and permission only)
Full moons are like pure and true blood vampires. They are the high ranking warriors. They are respected for their high control over their powers, and their ability to protect the house from outside threats. They are much larger than the lower three ranks and are known to sometimes grow even taller than a full moon.

::Alpha Moon::
(Admin only cause there's only one)
Alpha moons are the large and in charge beasts. The tower over their subordinates, and are respected by the other hybrids. Not because they're big and scary, but because of the protection they provide. 


Like a hell vampire, hybrids get only one of three power types. Arc, shadow, and blood.
Refraining back to hell vampire powers.

::Shade Powers::
A vamp with shade powers at one point had a sibling that they lost. An unborn twin, still born siblings, lost family members. A shade is a living spirit inside the vampires shadow. An example of a vamp with this power is Mikey, and his shade Darkfire. Shade powered vamps can either use their shadows to make armor on their body, uses as a weapon, or send out puppet like minions. Darkfire is a minion type, and can not only switch places with Mikey, but can also manifest himself and fight along side his brother.

::Arc Powers::
A vamp with this power at one point were like priests. They're able to use light based powers to either create halo like weapons and wings, or sometimes swords. 

::Blood Knight::
A blood knights once were involved in either hospital, or medical work, and worked with blood bags, and organs. Users of the blood knights power types are able to use their own blood as a weapon. Blood knights are generally chosen for assassin work as they are best suited for the job. Blood knights can force their blood out of their arms like blades and can use them to kill enemies.  

::Default Power::
If you come across a situation where your character had no involvment with either of the three power traits, then they will default to what ever power your vampire's sire has.

The Behaviors and actions

Hybrids are rather calm, and collected creature. He respect other and want to be respected as well, which is why when passing each other in a hall way, no matter the rank, or if they're hell vamp or hybrid, they always dip their head in respect to the other, and as a quick greeting to the other hybrid or hell vamp. They carry themselves tall, and proud.

They are neutral to other houses as well and don't tend to bother any of the other three houses. While in wolf form, hybrids crave meat and will often times go on a hunt to satisfy the craving, only hunting small creatures like rabbits and rodents. 

Hybrids do not pare up with other species. They will only chose another hybrid as their mate.


Hybrids can feed on either blood like a vampire, or raw meat like a werewolf.

How do you kill one?

Well, you don't. 

Which is why the species are mostly admin and permission only, as the way to kill one is harder than killing a vampire, and a werewolf. Not only do you need the hybrids vampire blade, but you also need it to be their moon night, just like a werewolf. If you only have one but not the other, good fucking luck buddy. Hybrids are exceptionally good at hiding their blades as well. 

Human and Wolf Form Appearances

In human form, it is easy to tell that they are hybrids as they have low hanging floppy ears and tend to be in place of regular ears. They always have at least one set of horns, and have long claws that accent the color of their horns. Their scelra are almost always yellow. Their have wolf tails that will match their hair color.

In wolf form, their bodies are a bit more stocky like a maned wolf. They have long due claws on their front paws and small spiny spikes running from their elbows down about half way down their leg. 

Can I Make a Hybrid?

As it stands right now. No.

As stated in "how do you kill one." They're OP AF. There will be events however in the future for you to win a hybrid. So long as you have two hall vampires, you can eventually have a hybrid, as you must have a pre-existing hell vamp to make one, and you need one hell vampire to be in the group. 

~ You must RP with TwinTigerPaw and her hybrid leader, Zeanith. (Actual cannon RP, not crack RP)
~ Your vampire must be in House Hellmaw
~ Your vampire must be in good graces with Zenith.
~ You much RP out getting your vampire into a decent standing rank within House Hellmaw. (True Blood or Red Blood at best)
~ Your vamp had to start out as a human before becoming a hell vamp, then a hybrid.
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