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 Feeding and children

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Feeding and children Empty
PostSubject: Feeding and children   Feeding and children Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 9:21 pm


Hell Vamps like all over vampires need blood to live. However they can cut off a little hunger by eating human food, like rice, chicken, pizza, you name it, however, it doesn't do a lot for them, and its more of something they do to enjoy time with human companions if they have any. 

Blood types taste different as well!

Type A:: Savory and strong taste, sometimes even salty, or teriyaki.

Type B:: Fishy flavor, sometimes can taste like shell fish, depending on the person.

Type O:: O is different every time for each vampire. Most common is the taste of cookies and cream.

Type AB:: SPICY, normally this blood type has a kick to it, and tastes like a hot chilly. 

Hell Vampires offspring

Unlike most vampire folklore, hell vampire's can actually have kids. Theirs two possibilities when a hell vampire has a child. First off, in a normal courted relationship with two hell vampires, the child is always born full hell vampire. They will have a metal fleck in their collar born, which will fall off at age 10 and mutate into their blade.

Second off, in some rare cases, hell vampires can have children with other species. When that happens, their children will be born as a halfling and is referred to as what the none vampire parent is until they are sixteen years old. Once they are sixteen, a drop of their blood is taken and it is used to craft their blade. At this point, the child has to carve the crosses onto their body themselves, BUT do not have to stab themselves in the heart as the cross scars on their own will validate their becoming a vampire. They will inherit their hell vampire mother of fathers power and will be allowed to chose a house to join.

Halflings also have the metal fleck on their chest which will fall off and can be used to be turned into a hell vampire at age 16. They will also all start showing off vampire traits at this age, that they be full hell vampires or half.

Additionally, feeding a baby hell vampire is actually the same as with a normal human baby. They are still mammals and will still feed off milk at first. As they grow up, milk will have to be mixed with blood until they can fully consume blood without the need of milk.
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Feeding and children
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