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PostSubject: Appearance   Appearance Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 6:02 pm

Stragglers tend to take on the appearance of whatever they were in life as a base. They are most commonly humans, as those are the souls of lower strength and priority, thus slipping through the cracks more.  Most Stragglers thus look human at their base. Those that were not human but managed to fall through the cracks would look like their most human form.
-Specters look like that form entirely. They are able to hide or display what they looked like when they actually died, wounds and all, or change minor features of themselves like clothing and such. For the most part though, they could fool anyone into thinking they were just slightly off-kilter humans. Often, they appear battered, dirty, or frazzled versions of themselves. They can distort themselves to look horrifying at will, but not to the level of Ghouls. They have no physical mass.
-Ghouls have the ability to continue to look like their human selves but tend to be extremely distorted or take on a monstrous look most of the time. They are the types of dark ghosts that would haunt nightmares and horror movies. Their human selves are more of a cloak or disguise than their true selves. They have no real physical mass much of the time but can temporarily manifest parts of themselves as such.

-Kobolds take on a distinct difference from Specters and Ghouls in that they are essentially a mix of both. They look like their human selves but tend to have distinctly demonic additions to their appearance, such as tails, ears, fangs, horns, and the like. Any sort of physical attribute can denote them, but they still look primarily like their most human selves. They can, however, completely take on a Ghoul form or appearance. Unlike Specters or Ghouls, Kobolds are almost always solid and have mass but have the ability to make themselves intangible and invisible as well, like their counterparts.

Take note: In any of these types, any disability in life can also transfer into their Straggler state. Sometimes it is cured, sometimes not. More often than not, though, it carries on in some form. (As in, got a blind person who dies? Got you a blind ghost, my friend. Or they could see for the first time after death. Crazy how that works.)
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