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PostSubject: Powers   Powers Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 5:59 pm

Stragglers are supernatural creatures and thus have supernatural powers. They’re broken into two categories: Innate and Individual. 

Innate Powers:
These are the powers that /every/ Straggler is capable of having. They usually have /all/ of them in some form or another. Like your typical ghost, they can do all sorts of “fun” little things. They can use forms of telekinesis (i.e., throwing things around and smashing windows and the like) through psychic energy, they can cause nightmares, enter dreams, give chilling or heating sensations, exert spiritual pressure on people like a weight, project hallucinations, pass through solid objects, possess objects, attempt to possess people if they are strong enough spirits, create fatigue, change their physical appearance at will, tap into people’s fears, cause auditory illusions, levitation, and the like. (Just…think of typical ghosting things guys. Common themes and the like.) They can’t be perfectly powerful in every one of these categories, but often have a solid mix of them and favored attributes within it.
They can even teleport short distances within eye sight or within a space that they are tied to. (As in, if they’re stuck in a house haunting a house in specific, they can go anywhere they want in that house at a whim. If they are not bound to a place, they have to see where they’re jumping to.)

Individual powers:
These are powers that tend to be unique and diverse as any person in the world. They are typically stronger than any innate power by a considerable amount. These tend to be the powers that are overwhelming to their victims or targets. Individual powers are generally but not always directly connected to how the individual died or a consistent theme in their lives. (For example, died by an axe to the head? Makes giant psychic axes that chop heads. Had a consistent theme of baking? They kill people by opening up walls into parallel spaces that are like an oven or boiling vat of sugar. It’s a ghost. It’s a haunting thing. Get creative.)
The only things that are off limits for Stragglers are as follows: no time travel, no instant killings, no real magic, no destroying other spirits as a power in and of itself, no soul eating (as in consuming part or all of it. They /can/ feed off of life energy, which can replenish itself), no world-changing events or forces (as in, please don’t blow up the earth), no /permanent/ curses,
(Just, in general, try to think through “can anyone fight with a fair chance, or is this too OP? “ If it’s OP, then don’t do it. Ammend it to be reasonable.)
MAKE NOTE: Physical attacks and certain non-physical attacks will not effect any Straggler in their intangible states (assuming they have solid states as an alternative). They can always hurt each other though, no matter what state they are in, because they are made of the same essense.
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