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PostSubject: Chelovek-Volk   Chelovek-Volk Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 5:39 pm

(Specie made by TwinTigerPaw)

The Chelovek-volk (Russian for wolfman) are a species of wolf men, however these beings are not werewolves. They appear more to be centaurs with wolf bodies.

Chelovek-Volk Malyye_lapy_by_twintigerpaw-da6ac5iChelovek-Volk Zeno_elias_cilo_by_acethewolf20-dao4yt7
(Art by BluePawProductions)

Chelovek-volk originated about 500 years ago in underground tunnels, located in Russia. All Chelovek-volk have a natural born urge to dig and expand. They've remained as one big tribe for the last 500 years, and there are no split packs, or outcasts. Their pack mentality is too strong for them to desire breaking apart. Chelovek-volk can have any accent, depending on which cave system they're born in. Russian bornes will have more Russian accents, and so one, you get how they are. Unknown to the world ubove, the Chelovek-volk have dug out their own utopia, gathering plants and animals they need to survive from the surface, discovering and harnessing solar energy. 

They're inteligant creatures that avoid comflict with humans by either staying hidden underground or disguising themselves as humans to find required items to help better their living. Human's are seen as valued resources for information, learning, and food providers. Chelovek-volk can live for about 100 to 200 years.

.:Homes / Tunnel Locations:.

The main tunnel system is located in Russia, and is the biggest one. There are more tunnel systems that go out to Japan, America, and Solic (The continent where the hell vampires are located) There are some going to germany, and some that go to out to many other continents. 

The tunnels themselves have been lined with solar panels, have their own paw made river systems, and gardens for growing herbs. Your Chelovek-volk can live wherever you want them to! Chelovek-Volk Biggrin

.:The Hierarchy:.

Females make the decisions in the Chelovek-volk society, and are dominate. "We bare your children, we take care of the hard labor of digging tunnels." They always say. This is just commonly accepted, and is never argued. The currant Tribe leader is Vetrenyy, a very tough female, but is very level headed. She is raising her first litter of pups, one of which is Malyye Lapy. Malyye is the runt of his litter, but he is a respectable young pup and works hard in the tunnels with his comrads.

.:The Use of Magic / Shaman:.

Chelovek-volk on their own are not magic using creatures, but there's a rare 29% that can be born with powers. These special few are called Shaman. The powers they're born with are usually qualities provided to help them with special tasks. Healing, tunneling, protecting, or hunting. Their powers can come in one of four element types as well. Plant, Water, Earth, and Metal. These elements have sub elements that can be achieved by training for many years and take time to improve on. Plant = air, Water = blood, Earth = sand, Metal = diamond. 

There can only be one of each element per generation. 

Shaman are responsible for the forging of human masks. Simple wood masks that project illusions onto the Chelovek-volk wearer to make them appear human to other living creatures. Their human appearances will not have ears or a tail. 

Plant Air Shaman Chelovek-Volk Maroon_by_drache_lehre-d774onzTakenChelovek-Volk Maroon_by_drache_lehre-d774onz
Water Blood Shaman Chelovek-Volk Maroon_by_drache_lehre-d774onzTakenChelovek-Volk Maroon_by_drache_lehre-d774onz
Earth Sand Shaman Chelovek-Volk Dot_0006_green_by_drache_lehre-d7z752kOpenChelovek-Volk Dot_0006_green_by_drache_lehre-d7z752k
Metal Diamond Shaman Chelovek-Volk Dot_0006_green_by_drache_lehre-d7z752kOpenChelovek-Volk Dot_0006_green_by_drache_lehre-d7z752k

Shaman powers are not devestatingly powerful, so make sure to get points and tips from one of the admin on your powers. Please ASK TwinTigerPaw permission to have your Chelovek-volk be a shaman.

.:Sizing of a Chelovek-volk:.

Chelovek-Volk Werewolf_hight_chat___hellvampirescrypts____by_twintigerpaw-d9sc57m
Yes we're using this again, its just effective. Chelovek-volk are about the size of a full moon werewolf, but a little taller. Basically not as big as an old moon, bit not as small as a full moon, somewhere in between. 
(they do not have pure wolf forms)

.:Species Avalability:.

These creatures can be submitted one other creature apps and do not require purchase with blood drops.
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