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 Lunar Garden

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PostSubject: Lunar Garden   Lunar Garden Icon_minitimeSat Mar 04, 2017 2:44 am

Lunar Garden
This Garden is a very unique garden in that nothing there ever dies. Plant life and small creatures who live within this garden seemed have the same white color pallet. In the dead center of this garden is a large fountain with a statue of a wolf howling to the skies. The water seems to sparkle with a silverish color and seems to continuously move one its own. At night when the sky becomes dark the water and plants will glow creating a beautiful nighttime scene. The Garden is not able to be found by normal means as it must be needed not wanted. This garden is kept safe by spirits of the long dead wolves who have since given up there lives back to the Goddess who has turned them into Knighted Werewolves instead. These are protectors who serve the Goddess directly. The only ones who have access to this garden is The Lunar and Dark Gods,Those who need it and a select few first gens.
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Lunar Garden
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