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 Creation of death

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Creation of death Empty
PostSubject: Creation of death   Creation of death Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 4:05 pm

Creation and Death
Angels cannot procreate with each other and are strictly forbidden from any form of romantic activity. Then where do they come from? Well, angels are born from a special temple in heaven that opens up to an infinite sky. No one is known to have built it and there’s no evidence of construction, but a completely smooth and unmarked, circular building similar to a coliseum of white stone stands at the heart of heaven. Within it, a circular stage known as the “Hearth” with unreadable markings stands at the center. This is where angels are born. 
The creation of angels is never spontaneous. When an angel dies, its energy returns to the Hearth and a new angel if forged on its own. New angels are created, fully formed and at the age they will remain for the rest of their lives. They can feasibly live forever if they are not killed, but all angels other than the top tier angels have died multiple times. When a new angel is formed, it is a fresh, clean slate. They don’t remember their past life. They don’t have the same body. They don’t have the same powers. They may not even be the same rank. They are not the same person in any way. The one who died is dead and a new angle is formed from his/her energy that was returned to the Hearth. The only exception is the Arc Angels (read ahead). 
An angel is born with an adult, fully functional mind and an innate understanding of all language.  They also immediately understand that they have a loyalty to something and that they have a purpose for life, though most everything else has to be explained to them, for which there is a period of education before they are expected to serve.

When an angel dies, at the moment of death, their body becomes light and returns to heaven, leaving nothing from heaven behind. As a general rule, this is the absolute end of that angel. However, there is only one other option, an option that is taboo. There is a delay between death and re-forging. This delay varies and nothing is certain but, during this time, there is a chance. If an Arc Angel choses to do so, they can influence the Hearth to reform the exact, same angel. This is essentially resuscitation. It usually works, but it’s not a guarantee. Unfortunately for the dead, it is almost never done. It is seen as forbidden and not for anyone to request. Arc Angels see it as an unnatural interference with their existence and not their place to step in. After all, if no angel dies, no angel may be born.

Note: In order for an angel to be forged, at least one arc angel must be present to put their essence and power into the hearth. It's not that their power is what fuels the hearth, more like it's a key that unlocks it. The more arc angels there are, the more quick the process will be.
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Creation of death
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