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PostSubject: Ranks   Ranks Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 4:01 pm

Ranks in order lowest to highest class
>Cherubim : These angels are the weakest among their kind and tend to be restricted purely to heaven unless specifically brought with a higher ranking angel. Their powers are lesser and thus it is thought that they need extra care and protection. They are generally highly loyal to their superiors and gain a close bond to their units, working closely with each other.  On the rare occasion that they are given permission to go out of heaven, they must be in a group to keep an eye out for one another. Because of their weakness, there is no way for them to rise to higher ranks.
>Malakim : These angels do not have overseeing duties to other angels, but do rank higher than Cherubim and thus command their respect and cooperation in most cases. Their word tends to be taken as an order unless contradicting or in the presence of a superior. They generally work alone and under a direct superior. They commonly perform tasks involving activities outside of heaven. They are strong enough to be competent at taking care of themselves in most situations and are thus given a little more autonomy. Their superior has the right to remove this permission at any time though.
>Seraphim : These angels have direct control over Cherabim and Malakim. They are almost always given freedom of choice to come and go as they please. They have the responsibility to tend to those beneath them, which entails both taking care of their wellbeing as well as instilling discipline. They most often are allowed to run their units as they please and take on tasks at their digression as long as it does not conflict with decisions from those higher than them. Unlike the distinction between Cherubim and Malakim, there is no distinct power difference that leads to this position. Seraphim have more or less the same strength as Malakim. Their position is built on hard work and loyalty, proven to their superiors. All Seraphim were at one time Malakim that had mentors. They themselves will almost always take a Malakim or two of interest and train them for a future position as a Seraphim.
>Arc Angel : These special angels are at the top of the totem pole. They are said to be the ones who know the righteous path (however, they will never speak or answer questions about a higher power, as if completely unable to do so). Their strength is unimaginable. No angel can stand against them with even a semblance of hope to win. In the rare instance that they are struck down, unlike other angels, they will be reborn the same as before, retaining some or all their memories. The only way for them to truly die is to become corrupted into a demon and then slain. They have absolute dominion over every rank of angel and their word is law. Their instruction overrides any loyalty or previous command. They rarely, if ever, leave heaven. They do not generally meddle in “mortal” affairs. It is said that all the dark creatures can feel their presence and fear their coming. They have also been known to cause great harm to humans just by being in proximity to them. This is at least part of the reason they essentially confine themselves to heaven and have their subordinates interact with earth on their behalf. Because of this, it is extremely unlikely that any human or beast outside of heaven will ever even see one, much less conflict with one. 
[[IMPORTANT: You can make any level of angel EXCEPT Arc Angels. They are innately OP, in charge of way too much, and can’t even really leave heaven almost ever. Any Arc Angels used in RPs would be NPCs, used only for story purposes. They are not good for OCs.]]

- - -

(Own little section)

>Demons : These creatures, having once been angels, were also once ranked. They have power equivalent to their angel rank, depending on what they were. So, if they were a Malakim, they'd be able to take that strength of angel head on. They're stronger in some ways and weaker in others. The trick is just to find those for the individual. Their powers follow any array of things, but are usually similar to those of their angel life in some way or another. Often, though, they're twisted. (For example - Once had holy fire that purified and burns demonic things, now has dark fire that corrupts and burns holy or mortal things. - Once had calming aura that dispelled fears, now has unsettling aura that induces fear or halucinations. - Once had water control, now can control water still but causes the water that they use to taint and become unable to sustain life. - That sort of thing) They also retain all the innate powers of an angel, with the added benefit of being able to hide or display their demonic traits. (though their "transport to heaven" is switched out for a "transport to hell". )
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