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 Familiar types and Tamer classes

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PostSubject: Familiar types and Tamer classes   Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:46 pm

Familiar types and Tamer classes
(click the mark images, they contain more info on the familiar classes)

Familiars are categorized under three classes, and tamers can pick one of these classes to use to their advantage. Tamers must always keep in mind that they can have twp familiars tamed max. If they tame a second familiar they must make sure his or her familiars will get along.

[Dragon Class]

    The dragon classed familiars are as it sounds. They are dragon like, all able to take on a human form, and a mid way form between their human and true self. as well as their full form. Dragon familiars can be western, eastern, or wyvern in true form. 

Dragon familiars are 50% male 50% female

Dragon power types


Females:: will get along with another female dragon, or a male.
Males:: Only get along with female dragons. Will be aggressive to other males.

(dragon power types do not effect relationships with these familiars)

A tamer who takes on the class of Dragon will gain the dragon mark somewhere on their body.


    The elemental class familiars are always made of a pure element, fire, water, ice, lightning, earth, metal, air, est. They can take on a human form, and their hair will always match their element. Example, a fire element will have short, spiky hair that is red, orange, or yellow. (or all three)

Elemental familiars are 15% male and 85% female

Elemental power types


Fire:: Will get along with earth, electric, other fire, and metal elementals.
Water:: Will get along with ice, wind, other water, and plant elementals.
Ice:: Will get along with water, air, and other Ice elementals.
Lightning:: will get along with fight elementals only.
Earth:: will get along with metal, plant, and fire elementals.
Metal:: Will get along with electric, fire, and other metal elementals.
Air:: Will get along with all.
Plant:: Will get along with Water, air, and other plant elementals.

A tamer that takes on the class of Element will gain the element mark somewhere on their body.


    The demonic familiars are the hardest to find, and hardest to tame. Demon familiars are almost always human with a strange mutated animal aspect; horns, claws, fangs, cat eyes, animal legs, tails, pointed ears, or having and animal head. Tamers deemed powerful enough by the elders may chose the demonic class and search for these reclusive beasts. Demonic familiars only have one form.

Demons are 59% male and 41% female
Demonic power types

Females:: Females kind of hate everyone, but they can get along with both males and females.
Males:: Males kind of hate everyone, but they can get along with both males and females.

(demon power types do not effect relationships with these familiars)

A tamer that takes on the class of Demonic will gain the demonic mark somewhere on their body.


    Tuboo is a special kind of familiar, very new to the island. Taboo are familiars who were born half breeds of one of the three familiar species. Taboo are special, and you must make sure to watch your step. They're more violent, and can even kill if they feel threatened. Any tamer could tame a taboo, so long as they are half of their class. Example, a dragon tamer could tame a dragon / demon taboo. same goes for a demon tamer, est, est. 

(At the time there's only going to be six taboo allowed, first come first served) 

Taboo are 50% male and 50% female

Taboo Power Types
Powers will very between each one, you will have to talk to TwinTigerPaw 

As for how Taboo get along, the rules of both haves will apply. Example; A male demon dragon will hate everyone around him, but might like a female familiar better.

Currant Available Slots

1.) TwinTigerPaw 
2.)  reserve  
3.)  reserve  ZeCrazyAngel 
4.)  reserve  Seishiyo 
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Familiar types and Tamer classes
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