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 The history of Cryptarc

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The history of Cryptarc Empty
PostSubject: The history of Cryptarc   The history of Cryptarc Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 3:40 pm

The History of Cryptarc

Cryptarc is a large blue and green planet, rich with life. Its minerals, and ores, while are similar to our own, are different. There is coal and oil, but the two fuel sources have long since been banned from use. The Bianchi industry runs everything on this planet. From its fuel sources, to electricity, everything. After Shade Bianchi took control of it all nonrenewable resources like coal and oil were left forgotten beneath the planets crust. There is now absolutely ZERO pollution, ZERO, littering, ZERO trash. Humans have taken charge of their actions and for the most part, keep trash to the human cities, where it gets swept away, and taken to a recycle plant where it is either incarcerated or turned into something useful like trash cans, and other things.

Mikey, the Bianchi companies new owner now runs several campaigns for taking care of forests, and the people of his home city as well as other people around the world. No one knows how he's able to gather resources for his company with out harming the wildlife he just does it. Mikey even created laws to keep forests and wild life protected. Poaching has been reduced to a dying 5%. Hunting is no longer a human sport, and is rather a way of life. They hunt what they need, and they use all of what they need, even using the bones of the deer they hunt for making stocks for winter soups. Once a year, a hunting competition is held ONLY for hunters to gather together and hang out, share stories of how they've been, and try to get the biggest game they can.

Human population is out numbered by wild life. 

Hunters with knowledge of there being other worldly creatures out there, even lend a hand to them. Leaving entrails from their kills for werewolves, and donating blood as well for vampires that hold no desire to drink human blood. There are a select few humans who despise the supernatural populous which would be about 10% of the population. 

Cryptarc's true threat

With the threat of humans dying down to almost 0%, Cryptarc is in a time of harmony, however with the arrival of creatures not from the planet, and the hell vampires. House Fallen being one of those aspects as well as invasive species from other planets. 

The history of Cryptarc New Cities, Towns and Locations

[Twin Katt City]
Twin Katt City is the main city, and one of the largest landmarks on Cryptarc. Twin Katt City is home of the Bianchi power company, and family. The city is well known for its good hospitals, and shopping sights, as well as its tourist attraction, the North Beach.

[Blueky Town]

[La Keala Town]

[Town of Angels]

[Gold Brier Town]

[Lunar Garden]

This Garden is a very unique garden in that nothing there ever dies. Plant life and small creatures who live within this garden seemed have the same white color pallet. In the dead center of this garden is a large fountain with a statue of a wolf howling to the skies. The water seems to sparkle with a silverish color and seems to continuously move one its own. At night when the sky becomes dark the water and plants will glow creating a beautiful nighttime scene. The Garden is not able to be found by normal means as it must be needed not wanted. This garden is kept safe by spirits of the long dead wolves who have since given up there lives back to the Goddess who has turned them into Knighted Werewolves instead. These are protectors who serve the Goddess directly. The only ones who have access to this garden is The Lunar and Dark Gods,Those who need it and a select few first gens.

Ores and Minerals

  Arcium is a renewable resource that comes in a solid rock form. Its surface is ridged and cracked, and when heated will become a liquid jell. This jell is used to create batteries for cares, and other devices. 

    Boltium is a round disc shaped plant that grows in underground caves. The plant also is an energy provider, but is does burn up, leading to regular harvesting, however, these plants spread like wild fire and are harvested to prevent overpopulation. These plants are used to fuel cars and airplanes, as well as boats. 

    Demonyte are small crystals that also somehow grow on their own in caves, much like the boltiume. This resource is used to make long lasting light bulbs. 

[God Silver]
    God Silver is a more enchanted metal. It looks like silver but is mined in bigger amounts, and has a more glossy look to it. Sights where this metal are found are closed off because of how valuable it is. Vampires and werewolves guard it.

The history of Cryptarc New [Spark]
Spark, a large growing crystal found in sea caves off the coast of Twin KaTt City. Spark is harvested in small nickle sized chunks, and can be used to increase elemental control, and powers. (see store for more info)
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The history of Cryptarc
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