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PostSubject: Origins   Origins Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 2:59 pm

The Wolves Among Us

False Origins Of The Wolf:

The first werewolf then stepped foot into the human world and lived peacefully among them. It was said that the werewolf fell in love
with a mortal women and the first Werewolf Hybrid where born. However that legend had been twisted into another.
The new legend says the werewolf did fall in love however the mortal women killed the children upon showing signs of being beasts. She soon tried and successfully killed the werewolf due to him being a human soul granted life again. However she did not come out unscathed. She was bitten and when the next full moon rises she would be at his side. It was said the night of the full moon pained screams filled the skies followed by howling minutes later. The first of the werewolves officially began. 

The legends to this day often changes and as time goes on humans continue morph the origins itself.

True Origins Of The Wolf:

Ketsuko Mun or know simply as the Moon Goddess. She was the creator of the werewolves and the original birth mother to the enter species as a whole but it only became so thru the change of man. First generation as it was deemed where powerful and deadly warriors able to take one anything that was thrown there way. Immortal beings with enough power and strength to take down demon, vampires and creatures alike. There powers were so well versed that even other gods started to fear there power. After all what other creature could combat what they where born to control. The goddess after all had given nearly all her power and soul to create the first gen children. Hoping that they would survive until she built back up her power and strength to help them in battle.

However with no war there was no more need to worry. So soon the werewolves began to pair up and have children which had started the second generation. Still so full of power and able to take on just about everything in there path the werewolves seemed like they would always be powerful so long as the goddess was worshiped and she continued to put her power into each new generation no matter what happens they would stay strong. Rumor even spread that should she ever die the werewolves would die too and each new generation would weaken. Some say to the point of being practically human. A rumor also went around that even if she did weaken if she so happened to regain her power every generation would gain a substantial power boost however those are just rumors....right?

Origins of Cryptarc Wolves:

The werewolves have been on Cryptarc for as long as the world itself existed as there is no exact date when they started to settle on the world. Tho it is one of the worlds they seem to naturally locate to. Most moving to the world ether after the there Day of Adulthood or for the settling of a family. From then on werewolves naturally lived on and blended in with the world hiding in secret among the different cultures and societies. The most any younger generation remembers is growing up on the world as today no werewolf seems to remember there true origins or what there actual home is like. Which has led to lessened belief in the Moon Goddess herself and gotten the werewolves in such lifestyles as those of the Compound (More info on that coming later from Bluepawproductions)
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