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PostSubject: Birth/Turning/Killing/Rebirth   Birth/Turning/Killing/Rebirth Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 2:58 pm


Most werewolves now a days are been born instead of turned as it is no longer really practiced and has become a bit of a taboo. However it is still possible to turn someone into a werewolf. Turning a human into a werewolf is most common while doing it to other species is not. It takes four days to complete the ritual. Killing them is not impossible it just takes a lot to kill them. Depending on the rank it is a matter of the waiting game.

Werewolves commonly are born rather then turned. Werewolves usually breed with other werewolves that't a fact. Werewolves can have anywhere from 1-8 kids at a time with 1 kid being rather rare. If the number of children exceeds 4 kids the mother has the option of going thru labor as a wolf which in turn would mean the children would be born pups. If the mother is in a human form then the children will be born human with their werewolf traits coming naturally a little later in life. 

Werewolves can breed with humans as well. However this is not as as common as the mother if human will usually die during the birthing process. Some can survive however it is very rare it will happen. It also makes it so not all children will end up werewolves. For example a litter of 4 werewolves from a human mother would likely end up with at least one or two human children with some werewolf qualities such as enhanced hearing,smell and strength but nothing else. The other siblings would end up werewolves and able be able to go about doing normal werewolf things. Werewolves can breed outside of their species but again the mother will likely die. Its rare a mother will survive. The children will likely exhibit traits of both parents or if the gene is stronger of the mated parent. 

(Its Illegal But Possible) :

Turning someone into a werewolf requires those of compatible blood meaning both parties blood must not in anyway reject the the others blood or it won't work. This is why it is only done by a Grand Elder or an Elder. Once the blood has been checked for compatibility they must be taken where they are able to be bask in the light moon. It was band long long ago.

  Night one: 
It must take place when The last quarter moon is at its highest point in the sky. The ritual begins when the werewolf's fangs get a half an inch longer and they start to glow white. The werewolf will then proceed to bite the humans either on neck,arm,waist or leg

   Night Two: 
The second part of the ritual takes place during the new moon. One full night a human over the course of every 10 minutes the human will consume nothing but the blood of a werewolf. This continues until the crack of dawn. By this time the humans bite wound would have healed.

   Night three: 
This part of the ritual is during the first quarter moon. The human is bitten once more in the same place it was bitten previously this time the area is torn apart leaving a gaping wound. This is usually where some tend to die. As they are bleeding out they are fed nothing but werewolf blood. Which allows the humans limb to heal on it own. This continues from the night till the a mere hour before the full moon. Once the human has healed then human chained heavily outside under the sky.

Final Night: 
As stated mere hours before the full moon the human is heavily chained up outside where the full moon can be seen. There bones are broken in several places to aid in the turning process.When the full moon hits the Highest point in the sky the change begins. A human will experience bones breaking and reforming inside them. There heart rate will increase and there blood will pump faster as to accommodate the internal damage that may happen during the process. During this time breathing becomes harder and harder and standing is no longer an option. Most find after the process moving is no longer an option as it may hurt. As they gain there new form hunting and killing are the only things on there mind. However allowing them to hunt in such a state is not allowed as it can cause damage to unfinished formations within the body. Once the transformation is complete. Werewolves usually immediately change back to there humanoid form which causes them to pass out and sleep till the next full moon. They are usually left outside until then until they are deemed safe to approach.

Killing A Werewolf: 
All werewolves that of 2nd to 4th gen are immortal in that they live a long long life until killed of course. Some who follow the bloodline of certain firsts are exceptions to this rule. To kill a werewolf as stated takes a lot. Getting hit by a fully loaded semi truck filled with bricks going 100 miles an hour would not kill them. In fact beating them to a pulp would not work to much but it would incapacitate them for a while. Trying to stab or shoot them with silver often just pisses them off or annoys them. Its not that it kills them its just hurts like hell cause bullets and blades don't mix with flesh. Killing a werewolf has to be done on the day of the month they are turned or born at the same time of moon phase. You must also use the same element as there power as well as destroy there totem. Some exceptions to this rule are ranks. Depending on the rank you can kill them during that time of night ie if they are a crescent moon rank it is possible to kill them on the night the crescent moon is at its highest point in the sky.
(Note: If you want to permanently kill your werewolf this is how. However know there is no coming back)

Yes i know that little note up there says there is no coming back but there is an exception to this. Killing them in otherways allows them to be reborn again depending on how they where in life. So if they where an absolute jerk with no redeeming qualities ie: Murderers kill nothing but innocent people or someone who was into torturing people. Ya know the worst of the worst. Those guys don't come back. However others who don't have those problems are able to come back. They end up on Soulterian. Soulterian is again the place of origins for a werewolf. So no matter where they go upon death they will return there where they can leave and return home. 1 day on Soulsterian however is 1 year on earth. So don't be surprised if times have changed if they stay on the world longer. The werewolves who first experience this usually need time to readjust to the feeling of being alive again. It takes a few times of dying to understand its natural. 

When a werewolf dies there soul is the first to leave there body then there body turns to ash to join the soul. When reborn on Soulterian they are born fully healed however this does not fix any wounds they had pror. Meaning no scars will heal or go away. Missing an arm and it was healed that arm is not coming back when the werewolf dies. So don't think killing someone will bring back that missing leg that had been surgically removed and has long since healed. At least werewolves down have to worry about dying from sickness cause it's hard for them to get an deadly illness well human illness anyway. Well at least if they die from sickness they will be reborn no longer sick.

To put it simply werewolves if not killed the proper way can be reborn again and can come back. First times deaths will leave a werewolf confused and scared but eventually will come to understand it is natural. Tho they will be told before they leave the world if they go down a darkened path there is a chance there soul will fizzle out and they will never be reborn again. Those that return to the world or first go to the world sometimes tend to stay there and live there while every now and again returning back to where they were before they dying.
Note 1: Only permanently killing a werewolf will count as a character death.
Note 2: You can choose whether your character has a good or bad soul and whether or not they die permanently.
Note 3: If you choose to stray away from the way werewolves work in this aspect i'm completely fine with that just know i wont consider them cannon to my world.
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