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PostSubject: Appearance   Appearance Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 2:57 pm

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(Used some of the examples of what each werewolf can look look like. Note: The possibilities are mostly endless)

(Hope you don't mind being examples guys lol)

Physical Looks: 
Werewolves come in a variety of appearances for there canine selves. Most commonly werewolves will have a humanoid forms with canine features such as canine ears, tails and teeth. They stop showing signs of age around the age of 30 to 40 years old Uncommonly werewolves can also go in between there form having fur retain 90% or there body with added paws instead of normal feet. Those who decided to go with the in between state will commonly wear normal clothing as to not to offend anyone so to speak. Pelts colors are natural based colors however markings case be almost anything. Seriously tho no LSD Dogs Kay? Kay. There are times tattoos can show thru to the pelt however try not to go overboard. Meaning don't have bright pink tattoos showing up it won't work.

Werewolves also come in a few common stages and one unknown stage.
Stage 1: This form is fully human hiding and and all aspects of a werewolf. This is used commonly to walk around among the humans and due day to day things in city life. Werewolves who live commonly in the city use this form a lot more then other.

Stage 2: This is the Secondary human from where they still retain some of there werewolf traits like ears and tail and if they go in between forms feet paws.

Stage 3: Is there wolf form every werewolf has one and every werewolf can shift into these forms. (Just be wary you may want to strip down first or risk shredding your clothing) xD

Stage 4: Is the actual werewolf form itself. Now not every werewolf may have this form or may not use this form. Its up to you what you want. This form allows for more human like attacks such as punching or kicking. Some werewolves even use this form to merge hand to hand combat with there normal attacks.

Stage 5: This stage is not known and has only been seen by first gen werewolves at the start of the grand war. It for now is near impossible to get to this stage or so it is said....

Eyes Colors:
There eyes usually follow the human color spectrum of eyes. Even in this humanoid form there eyes still retain the reflective nature of a normal canid eye. So if you shine a light or look at them from just the right angle there eyes will shine. Uncommonly eye colors fall off the normal human eye color spectrum. Werewolves can sometimes have other colors or even hetero-chromatic eyes. Rarely tho will there eyes have more than two colors within the same eye ie; Central Heterochromia or Sectoral Heterochromia.

Common eye colors Include: Blue (Any Shade)/Green (Any Shade)/Brown (Any shade)

Uncommon Include: 

Rare Include: Black or Any other shade on the spectrum not listed and in any style (See examples above for variation types)
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