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 Food and preferences

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Food and preferences Empty
PostSubject: Food and preferences   Food and preferences Icon_minitimeWed Mar 08, 2017 2:56 pm

Food and Preferences:
Werewolves are omnivores meaning they eat whatever they want. However most still prefer a fresh meat above anything else and its become a main part of there diet. Some werewolves have been know to kill and eat others of there kind as well as humans.Tho those werewolves are what are known as Savists (Sa-(Like the start of SAd)- V - ists-(As in the ending in fISTS)). As they are only known to do that if there are more unstable or there pack used custom traditions from human tribes. Not many are around but they can still be found. Also the notion is taboo of course and considered the ultimate sin. 

More naturally werewolves tend to eat and survived off either human attained foods or food they hunted themselves. Those who live in heavily forested areas tend to eat deers,rabbits and the occasional bird. While others in the plains may eat gophers,pronghorns and snakes. It all depends on where they live. However in the end they are versatile enough to eat just about anything. Even human foods such as junk food and sweet are editable in moderation.
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Food and preferences
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