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Generations Werewolf_hight_chat___hellvampirescrypts____by_twintigerpaw-d9sc57m
There are four generations of werewolves so to speak. Each generation however is split during the time of creation instead of each set of offspring. The older the generation the rarer the generation will be.Werewolves have evolved and adapted to many places and things. There were only four known generations at the time however a fifth gen has recently started. As per usual It is unclear when the next generation will be announced tho it is predicted it will be during the time of a great war. Each generation mates with in there own generation. Those who are a first Gen usually dont mate due to not having many of there generation running around. Each generation considers those of a subsequent generation to be children. It is considered taboo and wrong to mate outside a generation. The only acception to this rule is if each a werewolf was born at the end of a generation and there mate was born at the beginning of the next generation. 

Gen 1:
These werewolves are usually VERY old in fact they are thousands of years old so old that they date back to being born when the first werewolf was created. The oldest and most know first gens on record to be active on Cryptarc are Lucian, his mate Celine, and his sisters (Not by blood) Lizbette and Luca. Any other surviving first gen are only known to each other therefore it is next to impossible to track them down. They are also near impossible to kill and are immortal meaning they cannot be killed and will come back and cause serious problems. Only a first gen can set in motion the option to disallow the return of another first gen to return to a world.
Gen 2: 
Second Gen are the offspring and creation by others. This gen is consisted of those who where changed/forcibly changed using a ritual created by a few werewolves. This Ritual was thought at first to be normal then became a mockery of there werewolves. This also resulted in a lot of deaths in this generation so it became disallowed to change anyone unless they where a Grand Elder or Elder. This generation was the start of the mixed blood lines and the loss of immortality. They became possible to kill which was not thought to be possible and was a sign of something more dangerous. However despite being killable they where still hard to kill but since then referred as semi immortal wolves. These guys can and will come back and cause serious problems tho usually they are stuck on Soulterian and unable to leave. At the end of the second generation they started to loose touch with there origins when they started living wild or tame within human province.
Gen 3: 
They are the werewolves that were born during the start of human construction and the start of a dying earth as some would say. This gen also consisted of human practices of raising werewolves for there own personal means. This gen also consists of those who started to hide within human society and blend in a lot better. This gen became more 'tame' despite most sticking to there feral roots. This gen is also able to be kill so long as your will to make the time to do so. This is the start of a new breed of werewolf whose forms have been influenced by selective mating and human intervention. It is said that it is around this generation that various werewolf canid types began to flourish and thrive.

Gen 4:
They are werewolves born during anytime after the  These werewolves are recent meaning they are the easiest to kill but again still time consuming to do so. This gen sits comfortably hidden within human society as they have conformed and been conditioned to work and survive within there ever growing and ever changing planet. Tho with the recent announcement of the fifth gen this has changed slightly according to The God Of Time.

Now a days werewolves born anytime after the 1000th year or the first millennia yet before the 2016 year. Have gained/shown a stability in there life. Death is not as easy as it once was in the past. It takes effort to take them fully down and is just as time consuming. They have also shown signs of a change in levels of powers. This gen still sits comfortably within the human society but have gained a normality in that some have even forgotten how to hunt on there own and heavily rely on human made things to survive day to day life. Tho those who have remained more wild and free have been known to frequently stay away from human life. There are also those who have comfortable been able to move about easily between wild and tame. Those who live more in human society have a better understanding of life in the stone jungle (city). Those who live in the forest know the land like they know the back of there hands. Those in the middle are practically experts but still have trouble when being in one environment to long.

Gen 5:
Any werewolf born during the 2016th year have breached a different level of power that used to be lost. They have brought with them a time of grand change among the werewolves. These werewolves have slowly been showing signs of durability and strength long since lost. They are also able to thrive successfully in the environment they are in with little to no problems. Tho crossing over from 'feral' to 'civil' life is a problem for the culturally conformed groups/packs. These werewolves have also shown a capability long since lost to the ages which is the ability to use every variation within there skill tree up to there highest potential. First gens has also taken notice of Werewolves having the capability to learn another elemental power also up to their highest potential either thru inherited birth or by simply learning the use of the power. However it is also noticed that one must continuously study to be able to use said power as lack of study makes it hard to control. First gen Lucian has also learned that those he one previously taught long before have also grown in power and have joined the fifth gen in their dual elementism this is harder for them to learn with the lack of teaching as they where not born with the ingrained skill. Fifth Gen has marked a new growth in werewolf society as a whole.
Note: All Werewolf generations can use the new power upgrade however it is harder for previous gens to use it because they were not born with it. It takes time and lots of effort to be able to use the power upgrades.
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