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 Character Bio Requirements

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Character Bio Requirements  Empty
PostSubject: Character Bio Requirements    Character Bio Requirements  Icon_minitimeMon Mar 06, 2017 6:39 pm



[Gender] (male, female, or genderless)

[Species] (Vampire, werewolf, angel, or another creature)

[Specialties] (In this section please specifie any rank, or class the character is in, or what job they may have. Example, werewolf; full moon, or half moon, and vampires; tier 1, 2, or 3)

[Power] (at least 200 words to describe character powers. Be sure to follow your species' power rules. If human, just say N/A or if they have attributes, just swap powers for attributes.)

[Skills / Hobbues] (At least 3 hobbies)

[Weaknesses] (At least 3 weaknesses)

[Personality] (at least 3 negative personality traits)

[History / Backstory]



[Other descriptions]

[Appearance] (Either link an image of your character or describe them. Or you may do both as you pleas!)

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Character Bio Requirements
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